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Several elementary schools have Resource Teachers available for Native American students who need additional assistance with reading or math:

  • Eubank Elementary School
  • Painted Sky Elementary School
  • Montezuma Elementary School
  • Susie Rayos Mormon Elementary School
  • Governor Bent Elementary School
  • Hodgin Elementary School
  • Whittier Elementary School

Reading Intervention Program supports literacy and content areas utilizing a combination of researched-based reading programs interwoven with culturally relevant literature (Orton Gillingham, Wilson Reading, Soar to Success, Recipe for Reading, and Six Traits Writing) that have been found to be effective in helping students improve their reading and writing skills. The curriculum is aligned to state standards and designed to use the most effective components of the reading programs listed. The skill components are indigenized and integrate American Indian/ Alaska Native literature to strengthen vocabulary, sight words, and comprehension skills through use of appropriate student learning style. Teachers utilize the (Zais, 1976) Zais model in development of lessons for instruction.

Math Intervention Program is supported by (Briceno, 2009); (Jones & Bush, 2009) Carnegie math training that deepens the teacher’s own understanding of mathematics through instruction and allows the teachers to reflect on and develop their own teaching practices. The students will experience learning mathematics in a problem-solving, student –centered environment. The concepts targeted in this program are: Early Number concepts-Building integers, Early fraction concepts, Fraction sense and operations, Connecting decimals/percents to fractions, Proportional reasoning and linear relationships, and the Development of algebraic thinking. The skill components are indigenized and integrate American Indian/ Alaska Native story problems to strengthen mathematical vocabulary and comprehension skills through use of appropriate student learning style.

Native Language Programs during the school year and Summer Native Language and Culture Institute annually for students in grades K-8. The curriculum utilized by the Native language teachers is; Dine’ Bizaad Bi’nahoo’aah. Onsite coursework is conducted in four high schools with the highest Native student enrollment (West Mesa, Highland, Del Norte, and Cibola) and twelve high schools are supported with transporting the students to a centralized school (Career Enrichment Center) in the district. The teachers are state certified with a Level 1 teaching licensure. All teachers also passed Native Language exams within their respective tribal systems.