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College Career Resources

College Career Resources for Native American Juniors and Seniors.

Sara Money, College Career Resource CounselorGreetings!  My name is Sara Money and I am the Indian Education College Career Resource Counselor.  Below are some great resources to help guide you to a career.   Please feel free to email me at 

 Parent Information Video from October 22, 2020


The Insufficient Degree Video:  A reason to figure out WHAT you want to do before you figure out WHERE you want to

New Mexico Opportunities

Global Education:  Opportunity to attend UNM and go to other Universities in the world and pay instate tuition  

ACT Test Information

FAFSA:  Free Application for Federal Student Assistance   FAFSA Mondays from 3 to 6 pm every Monday!

SAT Test information 

UNM Application Link  

Native American College Scholarship Opportunities 

New Mexico Work Force Solutions Help to figure out what you would like to do (a career exploration) 

McDonalds Archways to Opportunity:  McDonalds help pays for college tuition to employees 

Official Transcripts 

Reimbursement Information Eligibility for Native American students 2020-2021 

Reimbursement contact person, Lydia Martinez email:

Scholarship Google List & Search Engines

Seal Banner 1.jpgSeal & Stole Information: Opportunity for seniors to earn a special stole to wear at commencement.  



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