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The Native American Department receives funding from various sources.

The Johnson O'Malley Program was started in 1934 to provide operational funding to schools. The intent is to provide special services to “meet the unique specialized needs of Native American children attending public schools”.

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How does the JOM Program work?  To receive contract funds, a state, a school district, an Indian tribe, or an Indian corporation may contract with the Bureau of Indian Affairs. Broad general regulations outline the requirements for the contract, allowing the programs to be developed to meet local needs and differences.

How can parents stay involved? In addition to serving on the Indian Education Committee, parents are encouraged to: Become Informed: Attend JOM meetings, lean about the annual JOM contact funding cycle, and become aware of the role parental support has on student learning and success.

Become Aware: Observe and be aware of strengths and weaknesses of the JOM program.

Become Empowered: Improve local schools serving the Indian student community.

Be Committed: Volunteer to serve on the Indian Education Committee.