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Administrative and Classified Staffing

Below is a listing of the Human Resources Staffing Consultants. Please contact the appropriate staffing consultant regarding questions on the various job classifications or role groups. If you need help with Workflow contact HR Operations.

Classified Staffing

Classified staffers hire individuals for district and school support positions.

Nancy Duran: 889-4822,

  • Classified Staffing Manager, District Support

Breanna Bullis: 889-4868,

  • Classified Staffing Support
  • Hourly positions

Casie Petit: 889-4838,

  • Custodian
  • Senior Trades

Jennifer Mackey: 889-4823,

  • Secretary, Clerk
  • School Police

Tereasa Sanders: 889-4833,

  • Bus Drivers, Bus Attendants
  • District Support