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Substitute Salary Schedule

The Substitute salary schedule includes: Substitute Teachers and EAs

Substitute Teachers and
Substitute Educational Assistants 
Salary Schedule. Effective January 1, 2019.
Type of SubstituteDailyHourly Rate
Substitute Educational Assistant 6.5 hours x $10.50
Substitute Teacher: Contingency 6.5 hours x $10.50
Substitute Teacher: Associate 6.5 hours x $13.00
Substitute Teacher: Bachelor 6.5 hours x $15.00
Substitute Teacher: Secured 6.5 hours x $18.00
Long Term Assignment Current pay +
one hour upon
completing the
5th day
Refer to the long
term compensation
The pay rates above are subject to the availability of funds.
APS reserves the right to change these rates without notice.


  1. Contingency Substitute:  Emergency Substitute
  2. Secured Substitute:
  • Certified teacher
  • Retired teacher
  • Substitute teacher with three years consecutive experience with APS Substitute Services, good work history, and no unacceptable performance reports (Must be requested in writing on or after your three year anniversary with Substitute Services).