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Licensure Department Update

The best way to communicate with the APS Licensure team right now is via email as the team is working remotely. Please direct emails to the Licensure Manager Myra Garro at or the Licensure Specialist Danielle Torres at

We are still receiving mail every day and processing licenses; currently we do not anticipate any delays.

Licensure Renewals are now Completed Online

In an effort to stop the spread of COVID-19 the NMPED is requesting educators to complete Licensure Renewals Online. Any documents received after May 1st will be returned, such as the Superintendent's Recommendation Forms and/or fees.

How to Renew

  • Online Licensure Renewal Application
  • Online Renewal Quick Start Guide
  • The Licensure Bureau is no longer printing and mailing a copy of the educators license(s). By the end of July, the educator will have the ability to log into the licensure portal and print a copy of their license(s). In the interim all districts and charters have access to the licensure database to verify if an educator's license is current and valid. 
  • For assistance with the renewal portal please make contact with NMPED directly at:


  • The portal is now closed for submissions and all of our reviewers are working diligently to get submissions reviewed within 72 hours. If an educator has a question about the dossier process please email .
  • If an educator who was still collecting data for their submission and did not meet the deadline during current closures, you can submit in the next open window beginning July 15th. And in the meantime the NMPED will make exceptions for the following:
    • OPAL candidates if needed we will issue an extension to a 4th year which will allow them to submit when the portal opens in July. 
    • Dossier Candidates who have a license that is expiring in June of 2020, NMPED will issue a 1-year extension to allow them to submit when the portal reopens in July.
    • Please contact Myra Garro at or Danielle Torres at for extension requests.

New Mexico Public Education Department

The NMPED's Professional Licensure Bureau determines qualifications for and issues licenses. They also provide technical assistance to individuals seeking licensure and to local school officials who must hire licensed staff.

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Contact APS Human Resources Licensure by email at  or by phone at (505) 889-4846. Or come and visit us at 6400 Uptown NE, Suite 210E, Albuquerque, NM 87110.