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B Salary Schedule

The B salary schedule for 2019-2020.

Starting Pay Rates

Table: Employee Levels and Starting Rates
LevelPositionsStarting Rate
Level Two Secretary, Clerk Level $11.39
Level Three Admin. Assistant Bookkeeper, Registrar $13.09
Specialty Level Four Admin. Assistant, Accounting,
Acquisitions, (non-school based)

Pay Added

Years of service completed is as of June each year. Pay is added per hour to the hourly base rate.

Table: Pay added per hour
LongevityYears of service
Pay added
per hour
5 Years 4 years 25 cents
10 Years 9 years 50 cents
15 Years 14 years 30 cents
20 Years 19 years 35 cents
25 Years 24 years 35 cents
30 Years 29 years 40 cents