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Parental (Non-Birth) Leave

The APS Employee Handbook, ATF, AEAA, ASCA, SW Maintenance and Operations, EPOA, and SWA Food Services negotiated agreements allow for an extended leave for up to one year inclusive of the FMLA 12 weeks.

Time off for bonding with a child who has recently joined the household by adoption or foster care placement shall be charged to sick leave for up to 30 days provided there is available sick time to cover the 30 days.  A maximum of 30 days of available paid sick leave shall be permitted.  Use of compensatory time is not allowed.  Available absence balances will be used in this order:  sick leave, personal days, and annual leave.  Once such benefits are exhausted, the leave shall be without pay.

An employee adopting a child shall be entitled to a leave commencing when custody occurs, or prior to receiving custody, in order to fulfill the requirement of adoption.

See:  The Process:  Applying for Parental (Non-Birth) Leave for more information.

To facilitate your return to work, provide the Leaves Office with advance notification of your intended return to work date (Letter of Intent).  Failure to do so may delay your return date.

Call 889-4844 or 889-4845 to schedule your afternoon reinstatement appointment at least one week prior to your return to work date.

If returning early from leave, the supervisor's written approval must be provided to the Leaves Office.  It is the employee's responsibility to notify the supervisor of the requested early return.