Request a distribution, loan or roll-over

Have questions about the 403(b) Plan? Find information about 403(b) Plan distributions, loans, and roll-overs.

To request a distribution, loan or roll-over from your 403(b) Plan

If you have not already done so, please contact your current investment fund vendor to determine what paperwork they need you to complete, and then complete that paperwork. 

Plan Transaction Request Form

In addition to completing the paperwork from your investment fund vendor, the TCG Administrators 403(b) Plan Transaction Request Form is also required to request a distribution or roll-over from your 403(b) Plan.

Download the 403(b) Plan Transaction Request Form (PDF)

  • Fill out the 403(b) Plan Transaction Request Form (also referred to as a Distribution Form).
  • Rules, notices, options, contact information are on pages 4-10.

Completing the form

  • Section A – Your name, Social Security Number, date of birth, and contact information; Albuquerque Public Schools is the employer to which the request applies.
  • Section B – The reason for your request (which continue onto the second page of the form)
  • Section C – This applies to the investment fund vendor where you currently have your funds: The vendor name, your contract/policy number with them, and their contact information.
    • Most investment fund vendors require that their paperwork be signed. The authorized signatory for Albuquerque Public Schools is TCG Administrators. 
    • If your investment fund vendor requires original signatures that will be indicated on their forms: you will need to mail all the paperwork to TCG instead of faxing it.
    • If you want TCG to send you a copy of the signed forms: indicate that on the form and include the email address for the copy to be sent via secure email. 
  • Section D – Your signature and the date

Additional Details

  • For many distributions, TCG requires a copy of your most recent account statement from your investment fund vendor; this request is included in the important instructions on the top of the fourth page of the Plan Transaction Request Form. 
  • Fax or mail all pages of your investment fund vendor’s paperwork, the first three pages of the TCG Administrators Plan Transaction Request Form, and any required supporting documentation (refer to the fourth page of the form), to TCG Administrators.  The address and fax number for TCG Administrators is on the form; they are located in Austin, Texas.
  • In many situations, you can fax your paperwork to TCG Administrators.  Download the Fax Cover Sheet (PDF) from the TCG website.

Once they receive your paperwork, TCG Administrators will determine if you meet the IRS requirements that apply to the distribution, roll-over or loan that you are requesting.  If so, they will sign-off on your investment fund vendor’s form and send the form to the vendor (and a copy to you if you requested that in Section C).

If there is any information that is missing from your submission, TCG will contact you at the Contact Phone or Contact Email you indicated in Section A of the distribution form.


For Questions or More Information

Contact Employee Benefits:

For general questions about the 403(b) Plan, or more information about when your contributions will start, contact Ann Johnson, APS Employee Benefits, at (505) 889-4821 or

Contact TCG Administrators:

To enroll for payroll deductions, change your contribution amount, reset your login credentials, or questions about the Plan Transaction Request Form, contact TCG Administrators by phone at (800) 943-9179 or visit the TCG Administrators Website.

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