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Change an Existing Plan

To make a change to your existing 403(b) Plan

To change the amount of your contribution to your 403(b) Plan (to any amount, including $0), you will notify our third-party administrator, TCG Administrators.

These instructions apply if you are currently contributing to the APS 403(b) Plan but have never used the TCG website before.  If you have used the TCG website before, you will enter the unique username and password that you already created.
  1. Visit the Group Retirement Plan Portal Login page.
  2. Click “New User” (small font at the top left in the box), and then enter the APS Plan Password: "albuq403" then click "Next".
  3. Enter your Social Security Number, without dashes.
  4. Enter the default password: your date of birth in MMDDYYYY format.
    If this doesn’t work, it means you previously had a username and password for the TCG website. Call TCG at (800) 943-9179 to re-set your login credentials.
  5. The system will prompt you to create a unique Username and Password.
  6. Enter your contact information and click “Next”.
  7. If the site does not automatically direct you to enter your contribution, select Manage Account from the menu bar and then Manage Investments.  Your current investment fund vendor(s) will show on the screen. 
  8. Click Change Election"
  9. Check the appropriate box to indicate whether you are making a pre-tax or Roth (post tax) deferral change 

  10. Scroll down to your investment fund vendor and enter your new contribution amount (per pay period deferral amount) in the white box to the right.
  11. Click the Authorization checkbox at the bottom of the screen to proceed with your change
  12. Review and confirm that all information is correct, including your investment fund vendor name type of contribution (pre-tax or Roth), and new per paycheck deferral amount.  Click “Submit” or "Back" if you need to make corrections. 
  13. Your six-digit Confirmation Number will be displayed.  If you do not receive a confirmation number, the election was not finalized.

You may also change your contribution amount by calling TCG at (800) 943-9179.

Enrollment Period

You may make changes to your 403(b) contributions at any time during the year. The change will start with the first paycheck of the month following the date the APS Employee Benefits Department receives the notification of the change.  (TCG Administrators will notify APS of your new contribution amount.) 

Note:  Payroll Department deadlines for summer payroll and prior to winter break may impact this start date.  


For Questions or More Information

Contact Employee Benefits:

For general questions about the 403(b) Plan, or more information about when your contributions will start, contact Ann Johnson, APS Employee Benefits, at (505) 889-4821 or

Contact TCG Administrators:

To enroll for payroll deductions, change your contribution amount, reset your login credentials, or questions about the Plan Transaction Request Form, contact TCG Administrators by phone at (800) 943-9179 or visit the TCG Administrators Website.

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