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Meal Prices

Meal Prices

Under the U.S. Department of Agriculture guidelines, your student may be eligible for free or reduced meals and other APS programs.  Contact your school for applications and return completed applications to the cafeteria at the beginning of the school year. Or, fill out an application online.

  • All information on your application is confidential.
  • Applications are accepted anytime during the year.
  • Prepay your students meals in the cafeteria.
Elementary School Prices
MealRegular PricesReduced PricesAdult Prices
Breakfast $1.25 $0.30 $2.35
Lunch $2.00 $0.40 $3.70
Milk $0.40 $0.40 $0.40
Middle and High School Prices
MealRegular PricesReduced PricesAdult Prices
Breakfast $1.25 $0.30 $2.35
Lunch $2.25 $0.40 $3.70
Milk $0.40 $0.40 $0.40

Charging Policy

  • Students may charge up to ten meals at Elementary Schools, five meals at Middle Schools and two meals at High Schools.
  • Students receive one meal at their normal status. This can be paid at the regular price rate, reduced at the USDA set price for the meal, or free for those who qualify for free meals. 
  • Any additional meal or food must be paid for at the a’ la carte price. For more info click here


  • A student that receives free lunches would receive the first meal free but wants an extra milk. The student would pay $.40 for the milk. 
  • A student that pays for lunch wants two meals. The student would receive the first meal at $2, but would need to pay the a’la carte price for second meal.

Online Application for Free or Reduced Meals

  • School year 2022-23 Online Free and Reduced  Applications will be available Jun 5, 2022.
  • Some families may be eligible for assistance in paying for student meals.
  • Just by completing your meal eligibility program application, you and your school may be eligible for special programs and funding.
  • Fill out an application online here

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