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What We Do

The APS Fine Arts Program is a busy place, buzzing with music, visual arts, curriculum development, and art instruction. Here's a summary of our activities:

Elementary Program | Secondary Program

Elementary Program

Our elementary program focuses on K-5 students with the following goals:

  • All elementary students will be provided with an annual arts experience delivered by teachers who meet “highly qualified” criteria.
  • All students will meet expectations for grade-appropriate basic skills and competencies in general music and visual arts.
  • All students will be provided with opportunities to develop and express their creativity and enhance their critical thinking and problem-solving skills through the arts.
  • All classroom teachers will be provided with a variety of professional development opportunities to expand their knowledge of best practices in arts education and the instructional benefits of arts integration across the curriculum.

Elementary Instructional Staff:

Services Provided To All Elementary Schools:

  • Direct instruction for all students, K-5 (and pre-school as time allows) in visual art and general music
    • Hiring, supervision, and professional development for 134 certified art and music teachers; 2 teachers in dance and drama assigned to Janet Kahn School of Integrated Arts: 3 resource teachers at the district ARTS Center
    • Scheduling the art and music teachers at each elementary school to insure equitable distribution of arts instruction across the district
    • Schools are served with art and music instruction on an alternating year basis.
  • All consumable supplies and equipment for arts instruction at no cost to schools; this includes all art supplies and visuals, instruments, recorders for students to keep, CDs, and children’s literature used in art and music instruction
  • Standards documents in visual art, general music, drama & dance aligned with the National Core Arts Standards and Common Core State Standards
  • Grades on the SBPR for either music or art
  • Professional development for classroom teachers, including:
    • Site-based in-services (as school schedules allow) provided by the elementary art/music teacher on topics requested by school staff
    • One-on-one consultation between the art/music teacher and classroom teachers to share or develop specific arts activities that meet the instructional needs of the classroom teacher
    • A variety of arts workshops offered by the APS ARTS Center staff
    • Arts-related resources available for checkout from the ARTS Center
    • A week-long workshop on arts integration strategies
  • Collaboration time for elementary art and music teachers is provided twice a month regarding:
    1. district instructional initiatives that have a direct effect on site-based instruction; and
    2. best practices in art and music instructional strategies, materials, and equipment.

This meeting time also provide the elementary art and music teachers the same opportunities for collaboration as that offered for site-based classroom teachers.

  • Central clearinghouse for arts-related community organizations offering field trip opportunities as well as site-based activities & programs
  • Coordination and organization of annual district-wide arts events: NM Symphony Orchestra concerts & programs; Santa Fe Opera Apprentice Tour Performances; Popejoy Hall “Schooltime Series”; UNM Music Prep School & many others.
  • Coordination of district art exhibits and concerts: “Art is Elementary” (annual district exhibits of elementary art); the APS art exhibit at the NM State Fair; and the elementary Honor Choir concert each spring
  • Advocacy at the local and state levels for the advancement of arts education

Secondary Program

Services Provided to Secondary Schools

2.0 FTE Coordinators - Music and Art/Drama

  • Staffing allocations for band, chorus and orchestra positions, in collaboration with APS Human Resources
  • Funding for bus transportation for high school bands to perform at home football games
  • Coordination and bid reviews for replacement of worn and non-repairable school instruments from Mill Levy funds
  • Coordination of/support for district music festivals
  • Coordination of/support for district art, photography, film, and drama festivals
  • Informal mentor program with retired visual/performing arts teachers provided for first year music teachers and/or those new to their content area
  • Assistance with development and revision of standards, course descriptions, and district electives policies