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High School Fine Arts Teachers

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Alfred Gurule Albuquerque High School Mariachi

Phone: 843-6400

Elsie Stott Albuquerque High School Band

Phone: 843-6400 ext. 314

Elena Maietta Albuquerque High School Chior & Piano

Phone: 843-6400

Drew Austin Albuquerque High School Orchestra,  Theory

Phone: 843-6400 ext. 435

Omar Villanueva Albuquerque High School Guitar

Phone: 843-6400 ext. 435

Ralph Adkins Albuquerque High School Drama

Phone: 843-6400 ext. 20348

Lisa Gillett Albuquerque High School Art, Jewelry Phone: 843-6400
David Leigh Albuquerque High School Ceramics, Drawing & Painting

Phone: 843-6400

Rene Palomares Albuquerque High School Ceramics

Phone: 843-6400

Christina Young Atrisco Heritage Academy High School Band

Phone: 243-1458 ext. 60240

Rebecca Kendall Atrisco Heritage Academy High School Chorus

Phone: 243-1458 ext. 60237

Carolyn Hurtado Atrisco Heritage Academy High School Orchestra

Phone: 243-1458 ext. 60239

Mark Opperman Atrisco Heritage Academy High School Guitar

Phone: 243-1458

Carolina Gonzales Atrisco Heritage Academy High School Mariachi

Phone: 243-1458

Timothy Crofton Atrisco Heritage Academy High School Drama

Phone: 243-1458

Leah Caruso Atrisco Heritage Academy High School Photography Phone: 243-1458 ext. 60059
Caleb Esquivel Ceramics, Drawing & Painting Phone: 243-1458 ext.60237
Jessica Krichels Atrisco Heritage Academy High School AP Studio, Art I Phone: 243-1458 ext. 60244
Nicole Kurland Atrisco Heritage Academy High School Film Academy Phone: 243-1458
Scott Trujillo Atrisco Heritage Academy High School Advanced Film Production, TV Broadcasting Phone: 243-1458
Jeremy Wood Atrisco Heritage Academy High School Computer Graphics, Digital Media, 2D & 3D Animation Phone: 243-1458
Ryan Hatch Cibola High School Choir & Piano

Phone: 897-0110 ext. 40100

Nathan J. Matherne Cibola High School Band

Phone: 897-0110 ext. 40131

Bryan Gonzales Cibola High School Orchestra

Phone: 897-0110 ext. 40224

Eduardo Trujillo Cibola High School Guitar

Phone: 897-0110 ext. 40178

Natalie Cannon Cibola High School Drama Phone: 897-0110
Sara Linn Cibola High School Art I

Phone: 897-0110

Kim Delmargo Cibola High School Ceramics, Illustration, Sculpture

Phone: 897-0110 ext. 20251

Sarah McHaffie Cibola High School Computer Graphics, Photography

Phone: 897-0110 ext. 20310

Thomas Wiberg Cibola High School AP Art, Art I, Drawing & Painting, Illustration

Phone: 897-0110

Robert Crisman Del Norte High School  Band

Phone: 883-7222 ext. 43226

Jonathan Davidson Del Norte High School    Choir, Piano

Phone: 883-7222 ext. 43111

Elizabeth Gatica Del Norte High School    Orchestra, Guitar

Phone: 883-7222 ext. 168

Jonathan Hagmaier Del Norte High School Drama, Film Phone: 883-7222
Nikki Turman Del Norte High School Art I, AP Art, Drawing & Painting

Phone: 883-7222 ext. 144

Paul "Josh" Garcia Del Norte High School Photography 1, 2, & 3, Art 1


Phone: 883-7222 ext. 144

Brad Dubbs Eldorado High School  Band

Phone: 296-4871 ext. 1266

Stephen Snowden (Assistant) Eldorado High School Band

Phone: 296-4871 ext. 1266

Colton Hardy Eldorado High School    Choir, Guitar

Phone: 296-4871

Maria Stefanova Eldorado High School    Orchestra

Phone: 296-4871

Cole Raison Eldorado High School Drama Phone: 296-4871
Patricio Freire Eldorado High School Computer Graphics, Photography

Phone: 296-4871 ext.1277

Sheldon Richards Eldorado High School Art I, Drawing & Painting, AP Art

Phone: 296-4871 ext.1341

Richard Rodriguez Eldorado High School Art I, Ceramics

Phone: 296-4871

Laura Harger Freedom High School Art

Phone: 884-6012  ext. 46516

Josephine Gonzales Highland High School  Band

Phone: 265-3711 ext. 26096

Farris Collins Highland High School  Choir

Phone: 265-3711  ext. 26079

Kimberly Elliot Highland High School  Orchestra

Phone: 265-3711   ext. 26079

Omar Villanueva Highland High School Guitar

Phone: 265-3711

Lena Russell Highland High School Art I, Photography

Phone: 265-3711  ext. 26074

Rebecca Zimmerman Highland High School Photography I & II Phone: 265-3711
Ramon Gomez Highland Highschool Art I, Ceramics, Painting Phone: 265-3711

John Converse

La Cueva High School  Band


Phone: 823-2327  ext. 241

Edwin Parker (Assistant)

La Cueva High School Band

Phone: 823-2327

Katherine Green La Cueva High School  Choir, Piano

Phone: 823-2327  ext. 242

Rebecca Simons La Cueva High School Orchestra, Piano, Guitar

Phone: 823-2327  ext. 243

Steve Pinzone La Cueva High School Drama Phone: 823-2327
Kristin Chapapas La Cueva High School Photography

Phone: 823-2327  ext. 479

Carrie McCoy La Cueva High School Drawing & Painting 1, 2,&3, Advanced Studio Technique

Phone: 823-2327  ext. 440

John Bryant La Cueva High School Film Phone: 823-2327
Jim Yoshida La Cueva High School Ceramics 1, 2 & 3, Advanced Studio Techniques

Phone: 823-2327  ext. 265

Phil Perez Manzano High School  Band

Phone: 559-2247  ext. 23432

Derek Warren (Assistant)

Manzano High School Band

 Phone: 559-2249

Daniel Cummings Manzano High School Choir

Phone: 559-2249  ext. 23433

Canice Laubhan Manzano High School Orchestra

Phone: 559-2249 ext.23434

Patrick Cox Manzano High School Guitar Phone: 559-2336
Stephen Forrest Manzano High School Drama Phone: 559-2200
Perry Heimer Manzano High School Photography 1, 2 & 3 Phone: 559-2200  ext. 23387
Resa Ogelsby Manzano High School Art I, Computer Graphics, Ceramics

Phone: 559-2200 ext.23389

Bronwyn Whittredge Manzano High School Ceramics 1 & 2, Crafts

Phone: 559-2200  ext. 23388

Tony Carson Rio Grande High School Band, Orchestra, Mariachi Phone: 873-0220
Caitlin Reardon Rio Grande High School Drama Phone: 873-0220
Heather Sanchez Rio Grande High School Choir &Guitar Phone: 873-0220
Robert Brettell Rio Grande High School Woods and Metals

Phone: 873-0220 

Magali Rutschman Rio Grande High School Ceramics

Phone: 873-0220  ext. 50304

Orlando Ramirez Rio Grande High School AP Studio, Art 1, 2, Drawing & Painting

Phone: 873-0220  ext. 50302

Darlene Saavedra Rio Grande High School Photography, AP Studio

Phone: 873-0220  ext. 50306

Tyler North Sandia High School Band

Phone: 294-1511  ext. 30201

Molly Chavez Sandia High School Choir, Guitar

Phone: 294-1511  ext. 30203

Emily Awes Sandia High School  Orchestra

Phone: 294-1511  ext. 30202

Ryan Morris Sandia High School Drama Phone: 294-1511
Kerri Banach Sandia High School Computer Graphics, IB Art

Phone: 294-1551  ext. 30224

Katie Bolintineau Sandia High School Ceramics, Jewelry

Phone: 294-1551  ext. 30112

Wendy Green Sandia High School Photography

Phone: 294-1551  ext. 30113

Ray DiGreco Sandia High School Art I, Ceramics, Painting & Drawing

Phone: 294-1551  ext. 30198

Mark Ellington Valley High School  Band, Orchestra

Phone: 345-9021  ext. 54105

Sherilyn Urben Valley High School Guitar, Piano

Phone: 345-9021  ext. 54106

Vivian Chavez Valley High School Drama

Phone: 345-9021

AnaAlicia Karnas Valley High School Drawing, Computer Graphics, Photography Phone: 345-9021  ext. 82192
Galadriel Thompson Valley High School Art I, Drawing & Painting Phone: 345-9021
Eugenio Perez Valley High School Wood and Metals

Phone: 345-9021 

Daniel Tang Valley High School Ceramics, Photography

Phone: 345-9021  ext. 82186

Paul Blakey Volcano Vista High School Band

Phone: 890-0343  ext. 37336

Evan Stoor Volcano Vista High School Choir

Phone: 890-0343

Matthew Zimmerman Volcano Vista High School Guitar & Piano Phone: 890-0343
Jeremiah Neely Volcano Vista High School Orchestra

Phone: 890-0343  ext. 37341

DeAnna Gonzales Volcano Vista High School Drama

Phone: 897-0110  ext. 20303

Lindsey Allen Volcano Vista High School Computer Graphics I and II Phone: 890-0343
Sevren  Gamble Volcano Vista High School Ceramics, Art I Phone: 890-0343
Karn Gustafson Volcano Vista High School Digital Film and Computer Graphics

Phone: 890-0343  ext. 37059

Carolyn Kaser Volcano Vista High School Drawing & Painting, AP Studio Art, AP Studio (2D,3D)

Phone: 890-0343  ext. 37333

Michael Gallegos Volcano Vista High School Photography

Phone: 890-0343  ext. 37334

Brian Weller West Mesa High School  Band & Choir

Phone: 831-6993  ext. 57107

Natalie Phillips-Perkoff West Mesa High School Orchestra

Phone: 831-6993 ext.57108

Donna Delery West Mesa High School Guitar, Piano & Drama

Phone: 831-6993

Lynn Cano West Mesa High School Art I & 2, Painting & Drawing, AP Studio

Phone: 831-6993 ext.57163

Donna Simmons West Mesa High School Art I, Ceramics

Phone: 831-6993  ext. 57163

Lori Turner West Mesa High School Photography 1,2,3,4

Phone: 831-6993 ext.57163

Laura Parker Next+Gen Academy Dynamics of Space and Form Phone: 878-6400
Julie Lopes Next+Gen Academy Art Phone: 878-6400
Susan Davis New Futures HS Art Phone: 883-5680
Nelleka Sims New Futures HS Art Phone: 883-5680