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Employee Contact Information
Gina Rasinski
Director of Fine Arts, Performing Arts Zones 1 and 4
Joe Gershin
Performing Arts Manager, Zones 2 and 3
Renee Gallegos
Visual Arts Manager, Zones 1 and 4
Denise Rudd
Visual Arts Manager, Zones 2 and 3
Deanna Amend
Choir Resource Teacher
Rosemary Fessinger
Music Resource Teacher
Cinamon Gentry
Visual Arts Resource Teacher
Andrew Binns
Funding Technician - Music
Audra Chaplin
Funding Technician - Visual Arts
Kirsten Ensafdaran
Inventory Technician
Bernadette Madrid Aragon
Carla Haynes
ARTS Resource Teacher - Music
Joni Lloyd
ARTS Resource Teacher - Drama
Rosy Poling
ARTS Resource Teacher - Visual Arts
Karen Price
ARTS Resource Teacher - Dance
Andee Schray
ARTS Center Librarian
Catherine Cunningham
Music Instrument Repair - String Specialist
Jim Hopkins
Music Instrument Repair - Wind, Brass, Percussion Specialist