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Information on how to advocate for the arts


Advocacy for the arts - for music, visual art, drama and dance - is critical. It’s important all the time, not just when programs are threatened with budget cuts.

The best ways for arts teachers to advocate for the power of the arts is to do their best job every single day – and to make sure that others (parents, administrators, community members, legislators and Board of Education members) are aware of all the good things happening in their classrooms.

The best way for parents, community members and others who share a passion for the arts to advocate is to be knowledgeable about the arts programs in their schools. They need to be knowledgeable about the multitude of benefits that arts education contributes to student achievement and to the overall education of our students.


The following documents and are just some of the many resources available to arts teachers, parents, and community members who feel strongly about the arts and their significant role in the education of our students.