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General Guidelines for Grant Funds

Impact on the District’s Operational Budget

All applicants for potential grant awards must determine the impact of the grant on the district’s operational budget in relation to space, utilities, personnel, additional reporting requirements, in-kind/matching contribution requirements and maintenance of effort beyond the funding period of the grant.  The applicant must also consult with all departments potentially affected by the grant award.  Please refer to the “Grant Management Pre-Approval” link in this section for detailed instructions on the approval process.

Restricted Use of Funds

All grant-related expenditures are restricted to the allowable use of funds outlined in the respective grant application approved by the funding agency.  A statement of justification must accompany all grant expenditures to insure compliance with the intent of the specific grant.

Reasonable Cost

EDGAR C.2 states that, “A cost is reasonable if, in its nature and amount, it does not exceed that which would be incurred by a prudent person under the circumstances prevailing at the time the decision was made to incur the cost.”  This principle will be enforced by program managers and the Grant Management Department as grant funds are expended for goods and services.


All travel must be specified within the approved grant application and pre-approved prior to the travel date.  Reimbursement will be disallowed for travel requests submitted after the fact.


Any person or business entity contracted to perform services for an APS school or department must have an approved Professional Services Agreement (PSA) in place, which must include a vendor number and NM CRS number.  Services on the contract may not begin until the PSA is fully approved. Payment for services rendered prior to the approval date of the contract will be disallowed.  Please refer to the Accounts Payable section of the APS website for detailed instructions on obtaining a vendor number.

Purchasing Deadlines

The district purchasing deadlines apply to all Federal, State, local and private grants.

Salary Schedules and Employment

EDGAR Attachment B.11.(3).b states that “Compensation for employees engaged in work on federal awards will be considered reasonable to the extent that it is consistent with that paid for similar work in other activities of the governmental unit.”  New and existing positions paid with grant funds must conform to current district policies for hiring, rating, placement and compensation on the position’s respective salary schedule.  The district is under no obligation to continue funding a grant position beyond the funding period of the grant.

Stipends / Timesheets

Stipend rates for teachers and instructional assistants are determined in their respective negotiated agreements.  Flat rates may be paid as long as documentation is submitted indicating that payment does not exceed the negotiated hourly rates.  Stipends for administrative personnel will only be allowed if specified in the approved grant application and approved by the appropriate superintendent.  All stipend timesheets associated with grants must be submitted to the Grant Management Department for approval 2 days prior to the district payroll deadlines and must include time logs indicating the date, hours and description of the work performed.