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Grant Management Employee / Payroll

The GM team processes all grants payroll and monitors all grant employees. Review the proper grant processes for payroll and employee requests.

Salary Schedules and Employment

EDGAR Attachment B.11.(3).b states that “Compensation for employees engaged in work on federal awards will be considered reasonable to the extent that it is consistent with that paid for similar work in other activities of the governmental unit.” New and existing positions paid with grant funds must conform to current district policies for hiring, rating, placement and compensation on the position’s respective salary schedule. The district is under no obligation to continue funding a grant position beyond the funding period of the grant.

Employee Forms

Stipend rates for teachers and EA’s are determined in their respective negotiated agreements. Stipends for administrative personnel will only be allowed if specified in the approved grant application and approved by the appropriate superintendent. All stipend timesheets associated with grants must be submitted to the Grant Management Department for approval and must include time logs indicating the date, hours and description of the work performed.

Payroll Forms


To the greatest extent possible, all grant-funded payroll is to be submitted to the GM Department, the GM team will then review and submit to the Payroll Department on a biweekly basis via electronic upload.  The GM team must review a hard copy of the Time Sheet Upload spreadsheet with the time sheet records attached prior to submission.  Time sheet records will be accepted without an upload on a limited basis in arranged situations.