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Grant Management - Finance

The Grant Management Department monitors compliance and provides technical assistance to schools and program units that are awarded federal, state, local or private grants. The department's primary task is to monitor the budgets, expenditures and required financial reports for all the district's grant funds.

The Grant Management staff will assist you when the grant or contract is awarded.  In addition to the Director, the department staff includes a Legislative Projects Manager, a Grant Coordinator, Fund Specialists and Grant Technicians trained to assist with the compliance requirements and fiscal management of your grant or contract.  A member of the GM team will be assigned to your specific grant or contract. 

The department is located at the Alice and Bruce King Educational Complex, 6400 Uptown Blvd. NE, Suite 310 East.  View full staff listing.

Additional Information and Reminders

  • All district policies will apply to programs funded by grants.  This includes but is not limited to policies and regulations related to hiring, employee compensation, procurement and finance (read the General Guidelines for All Grant Funds for additional clarification).
  • Any grant involving research studies with students, staff, parents, etc. must be cleared by the district's Office of Accountability and Reporting (OAR) to insure that all legal and ethical requirements are met.
  • Unless agreed to in the grant application, grant applicants must understand that the district is under no obligation to provide additional resources, employ FTE funded by the grant or continue grant activities and programs beyond the funding period of the grant.
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