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Staff Listings for the Finance Department.

Welcome to the Finance Department. We are here to help you! Visit the links below to access staff contact information.

Finance Department Org Chart (PDF), last updated Jan. 28, 2021.

Staff Listings

Frequently Asked Questions

Payroll FAQs

How do I update my W4?
You will need to fill out a new W4 form. A PDF of the form can be downloaded from the IRS website. The employee will need to complete and sign the form. Albuquerque Public Schools will only accept an original signed W4, we cannot accept an electronic copy. You will need to interoffice mail or drop the form off at City Center.
How can I get a copy of my latest W2?
To request a copy of your W2, you can send an email to or call (505) 880-6880.
Who is my Payroll Specialist?
A full listing of Payroll Specialist and their assigned schools is posted to the Payroll website.
I am purchasing a home and need verification of wages, who can help me?
A verification of wages form will need to be filled out. You can request a copy from your Payroll Specialist or send an email to or call (505) 880-6880.
My Paycheck is wrong, who can help me fix it?
Please contact your Payroll Specialist, A full listing of Payroll Specialist and their assigned schools is posted to the Payroll website.

Activity Funds FAQs

Who is my Activity Funds trainer?
Check the Activity Funds website.
What is the STOP/GO List and where can I find it?
The Activity Funds STOP/GO List (PDF) can be found on the Activity Funds website
I am a new school secretary and need training on activity funds, is there a manual?
You should contact your activity funds technician for assistance with training.

Vendor Management FAQs

How do I update my W9?
To update a W9 please send the updated W 9 to

Accounting FAQs

How do I request a new vendor?
All vendor requests must be initiated from an existing department or school. Download the Vendor Number Request Checklist Form (PDF) from the Vendor Management website.
I need a tax exempt letter, who do I contact?
Please visit the Tax Exempt Requests webpage.

Budget FAQs

How do I create a budget transfer?
Visit the Budget and Strategic Planning website, and look for the Electronic Budget Transfers section for all 1100 Operational Funds. 

Download the Budget Transfer Form (PDF) from the Capital Budget Management website for all Capital Funds.
Who is my Budget Analyst? And what can they help me with?
Refer to the School Budget Assignment List (PDF) or Department Budget Assignment List (PDF) of Budget Analysts on the Budget and Strategic Planning website.
I need a copy of my monthly Budget Status Report, who can I contact for help?
A list of Budget Analysts and their assigned schools or departments can be found under the Quick Links section of the Budget and Strategic Planning website. A job aid has also been posted to the Business Systems intranet website.
Budget and Strategic Planning on the Intranet
Frequently Asked Questions.