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Reporting Lost, Stolen or Missing APS Property

Reporting Lost, Stolen or Missing APS Property

Stolen property must be reported to the Albuquerque Public Schools Police Department (APSPD) immediately. APSPD will initiate an Offense/Incident report and will investigate the incident based upon available information. Information may be forwarded to other law enforcement agencies to enhance the possibility of recovering the stolen property.

APSPD will forward a copy of the completed investigation to the Controller: Building Fund & Fixed Assets, Finance Department for action regarding inventory control and replacement of stolen property.

Requesting Copies of School Police Reports

The School Police will forward copies of reports to site administrators as they are processed. If additional copies and/or copies of reports are required request must be made through the following procedures:

  1. Call in the request to APSPD as soon as you identify the need for a report copy.
  2. If time is a factor the School Police will FAX a copy of the report.
  3. Do not disseminate copies of reports to parents. Parents should request copies directly from the School Police Department.
  4. Some reports are not available to the site administrator because of School Board, State and Federal guidelines.