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Fixed Assets Audit FAQs

What types of assets are included in a Fixed Asset Audit?

Generally speaking, an audit will include all IT equipment (computers, tablets, servers/switches, etc.) and other big-ticket items (assets with an initial purchase price greater than or equal to $5000). Although each district may choose to track different types of assets, a fixed asset audit may include:

  • Computing Equipment (CPUs, tablets, laptops, servers, etc.)
  • Other sensitive electronics (TVs, smart boards, etc.)
  • Kitchen equipment
  • Lawn maintenance equipment
  • Vocational equipment
  • Vehicles

Where might assets be found?

Assets can be widely distributed throughout a school. For this reason, our inventory team will need access to all doors and cabinets throughout the campus. Of particular interest are the office/administrative areas, computer labs/storage, data closets, auditoriums, outside storage, vocational buildings and the kitchen. Please ensure that IT carts carrying laptops, tablets or similar equipment and server racks are readily available key/codes for cart locks should be ready for the team upon arrival.

What kind of access needs to be given to the Inventory Team?

The inventory team must be given 10 copies of the “Site Map” with all office/administrative areas, computer labs/storage, data closets, auditoriums, outside storage, vocational buildings and the kitchen clearly identified; access to all doors, cabinets and IT carts; and, to a “Home Base” where they can locate their personal belongings and equipment. Inventory equipment will need to be charging, so this “Home Base” location must have electrical outlets and a lock. Please have the keys/codes for IT Carts (mobile laptop & tablet carts) and server racks available to the team upon arrival; these carts should be centralized when possible. Please understand if the IT Carts cannot be opened, the assets housed within will not be captured by the audit. They will be reported as “missing assets."

What company is providing and overseeing the Inventory Teams?

A company called ProBar Asset Management. They are partnered with Hayes Software Systems (the company who makes the new asset tracking application called TIPWeb-IT).

Where do I go to get additional answers to my questions?

Please visit this website regarding this project. This website will be continually updated with information as the project is implemented.

Has summer school been taken into account? Will our summer school students be impacted by the fixed and technology assets inventory taking place at the school while students are learning?

Because there are so many summer school sites this year there is no way to schedule around them. The audit teams know summer school will be in session and they will be as discreet as possible. The better prepared you are for the physical inventory in advance, the more quickly the physical inventory audit can be completed.

Will things like furniture and chairs be part of the physical inventory audit?

No, furniture and chairs will not be part of the physical inventory audit.

What if my location has small electronic items that are APS property but are not currently tagged?

The physical inventory audit team will tag untagged items as they are encountered.

Will the records of electronics I currently manage on Destiny transfer over to TIPWeb IM?

A list of assets managed through Destiny can be pulled. Please contact Rachel Altobelli for assistance.

My location has computers which were donated or were purchased as part of a grant. Will these items be captured during the physical inventory audit?

Yes. Items donated to APS are APS property and are considered assets. In addition, APS carries the fiscal responsibility for many grants so items purchased as part of the grants are considered APS assets as well.

If I have checked items out to teachers/students, do the teachers/students need to bring the assets back to my location during the scheduled physical inventory audit?

No. If you document items checked out to teachers/students on the provided form, the items do not need to be brought in to be scanned.

Will the physical inventory audit performed during the summer/fall of 2014 replace all old/current inventories?

Yes. The physical inventory audit performed during the summer/fall of 2014, and all old/current inventories will be combined and reconciled.

Will the physical inventory audit performed during the summer/fall of 2014 replace all future inventories?

No. APS is still obligated by law to perform annual inventories.  This audit will take suffice for the 2014/2015 inventory, but District staff will resume inventory operations in the future under new procedures utilizing the new Hayes software, TIPWebIT.

What if we have an emergency situation that will not allow the physical inventory audit to be performed at my location?

Please contact Rachel Altobelli and Michael Erwin as soon as you anticipate an issue.

How many physical inventory audit technicians will be working at my location?

Depending on the size of your location, it is possible that 10-12 physical inventory audit technicians will be on site.

What if some of the assets at my location have no tag or an illegible tag?

The physical inventory audit team will have new tags with them when they are at your location, and will place or replace tags as needed.

Is the Inventory Schedule on the main Physical Inventory Audit of Fixed and Technology Assets webpage firm?

The Inventory Schedule on the main Physical Inventory Audit of Fixed and Technology Assets webpage is subject to change depending on the team’s ability to inventory a location within the time allotted, and will be updated on the webpage immediately after any changes.   They will use Saturday to catch up when necessary and possible in an effort to avoid scheduling changes.  Please check the webpage for the most up-to-date Inventory Schedule. The Inventory Schedule includes all APS locations. If you do not see your location on the Inventory Schedule, please contact Michael Erwin.

Where will the Point of Contact person for my location need to be during the physical inventory audit?

The Point of Contact person will be escorting the physical inventory audit team around the campus opening doors, providing information, answering questions, etc., as needed.

Will the kitchen at my location have its physical inventory audit as part of the food services audit, or as part of my location's audit?

The kitchen at your location will have its physical inventory audit during the rest of your location's audit.

All the computers at my location are assigned to rooms during the school year, but during the summer they are all secured in one location. Should we label each computer with the room number it is normally assigned to?

If the computers at your location are kept secure in a centralized location during the summer, if would be helpful for you to label them with the room number they are normally assigned to.

Will this physical inventory audit take the place of my regular annual inventory?

Yes, the physical inventory audit performed during the summer of 2014 by ProBar Asset Management/Hayes Software Systems will take the place of your regular annual inventory for 2014/2015 that would normally be performed by the APS Capital Fiscal Services team.

What if we recently had our regular annual inventory performed by the APS Capital Fiscal Services team, but have not received the missing items list yet?

All reconciliation work for the regular annual inventory performed by the APS Capital Fiscal Services team has been halted while the physical inventory audit is performed by ProBar Asset Management/Hayes Software Systems during the summer of 2014.  Staff have been reassigned to other necessary tasks to ready the district for year-end processing and this implementation.

What is the minimum threshold for electronics to be captured? I have things such as $50 cameras that are 10 years old at my location.

Please expect that all electronics, regardless of size, age or value, will be captured.  Probar staff will determine whether they are to be tagged or not.

Will the new Hayes Software inventory system be able to assign an asset to an individual?

Yes.  It is one of the best features of this new software.

Will the new asset tags look similar to the current asset tags?


What if there are cabinets locked up with staff personal items secured inside for the summer? Can we put a sign on the cabinet that says "Personal Staff Property. Do Not Inventory" and expect those cabinets to remain undisturbed?

The physical inventory audit team will be looking inside of all cabinets and drawers in an effort to capture all assets. Please urge your staff to take home personal property and/or valuables of concern over the summer rather than lock it up at school.

Will the physical inventory audit team be tagging/scanning the Xerox machines?

No. The physical inventory audit team will be aware that the Xerox machines are leased and are not APS property.

My location generally keeps all technology electronics in a locked cabinet labeled "technology electronics". Is this OK?

This is a great idea and will actually make the physical inventory audit team's job easier. Make sure to leave the key with your location's Point of Contact!  Please make sure that the barcodes are easily visible by removing covers.

What if we are concerned about calling in staff to act as a Point of Contact? Will the Point of Contact be afforded compensation? What if we don't have the budget to pay for extra compensation.

Compensation will be provided for any extra time required to have a Point of Contact person at your location during the physical inventory audit. If your budget is a concern, please contact Tami Coleman after your location's physical inventory audit and the Point of Contact person's hours are verified.

When will the physical inventory audit data be available?

After the data is collected and reconciled, the location principal or department head (or their designee) will be able to access and manage their site's physical inventory audit data. The projected date for access to the data is mid-fall 2014.

My site just received brand new computers that have not been tagged yet. What do we do?

Assets that haven't been tagged yet will be tagged as part of the physical inventory audit.

My location has theater production equipment which is installed and rigged up high in the auditorium. Do we need to move the equipment to the floor?

No. Please leave auditorium equipment where it is.

My location has a few buildings that are no longer used and are completely sealed off and non-accessible (old auditorium, old wood shop, etc.) but still have equipment/assets inside them. What do we do about that equipment?

Please get the salvage process started immediately. Ideally, we would like for all salvage equipment to be removed from the premises by the start date of your physical inventory audit. Please visit the Materials Management website for more information on submitting a salvage request.

What if we do not have keys/access to the cafeteria manager's office or I.T. hubs where internet equipment and servers or stored for my location?

APS Capital Fiscal Services will be contacting the APS Technology and Food Services departments to gain access to these areas of your location.

What if the only person that can serve as a Point of Contact is the principal, and the principal is off contract during the scheduled physical inventory audit?

Please contact Michael Erwin as soon as possible if you are unable to assign staff to open for the inventory.  If you are a principal who will serve as your location's Point of Contact while you're off contract, please work with APSPA to bring it forward as a topic for discussion.

The custodians at my location have a very tight cleaning schedule this summer. There may be classrooms/areas at my location that are clearing out for cleaning during our scheduled physical inventory audit, and the custodians will not be able to interrupt their cleaning schedule. What do we do?

The ProBar Asset Management/Hayes Software Systems physical inventory audit team have experience with very large school districts and are aware of how schools operate during the summer. Please communicate to the custodians that all drawers and locks will need to be accessible to the physical inventory audit team so that custodians' cleaning schedules will not be interrupted by the physical inventory audit.

When checking out assets to teachers for use over summer break, am I still required to attach a copy of the teacher’s insurance declarations page which will cover the asset if lost/stolen/damaged?

Yes. Please continue to follow regular procedures when checking out assets to teachers for use over the summer break.

We have furniture at our location that we obtained from salvage. Will these items be included in the physical inventory audit?

Furniture in general will not be included as part of the physical inventory audit unless the item already has an asset tag.

How should we secure the building after everyone leaves? Normally, the last staff member out the door calls APS Police to notify them that the building is empty and the alarm can be activated.

Since the location Point of Contact must remain at the location while the physical inventory team is on site, please continue your normal process to secure the building after everyone has left the building.

My location has programs that are in partnership with city or state grants. Are items associated with these programs subject to the physical inventory audit?

Normally, any assets purchased by these grants are APS assets, and need to be included for inventory purposes.


Textbook FAQs:

Are DRA Kids books included in the textbook inventory process?

No. Please contact Ann Marie Lesley for more information.

We are asked to place all textbooks in no more than three centralized locations. Do all copies of one title need to be in the same one of the three centralized locations?

Yes, that would be very much appreciated.

All books are required to be stacked facing the same direction. What about large, spiral-bound teacher’s editions? Very many of those won’t stack very high.

Spiral-bound teacher’s editions of textbooks may be stacked with the spirals alternating so that the stacks don’t fall over.

Once TIPWeb IM is in use, can we use the same scanner we already have?

Yes. The same scanner you have now will work with the TIPWeb IM system. New scanners cost about $140.

Will our bookroom stay on Destiny?


What if we need more barcodes for our books?

More barcodes will be given out and there will be training on how to print more.

We haven’t received our new elementary math books yet. Will they arrive before our scheduled textbook inventory audit?

The new elementary math books will arrive at your location already inventoried and included in your school’s inventory.

What if one of my teachers has checked out a teacher’s edition for the summer?

It would be ideal if they could bring the book back to the school for the textbook inventory audit, but the inventory records can be adjusted in the fall.

Will the textbook inventory audit include workbooks as well?

No. The textbook inventory audit will only include hardcover textbooks.

What if my location has class sets of textbooks and we don’t have the resources to move all the class sets to the centralized location(s) within my school?

Please contact Rachel Altobelli if you feel you are in this circumstance.