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Custodial Security AV OT Memo

October 8, 2019 memo on the Facility Usage Request Information and Responsibilities instruction pamphlet.

APS Finance Department - Budget Office Memo

  • Date: October 8, 2019
  • To: Principals & Department Heads
  • From: Teresa Scott, Executive Director-Budget & Strategic Planning
  • Re: Custodial/Security Overtime when using Berna Facio Professional Development Center
  • Cc: Tami Coleman-Chief Financial Officer, Scott Elder-Chief Operations Office, Budget Analysts

Dear APS Leaders:

The Facilities Department recently published the "Facility Usage Request Information and Responsibilities" instruction pamphlet. Referenced on the page for reserving rooms at the Berna Facio Professional development Center is a section on "Custodial" and "Security." It states that the cost of these services is the requester's responsibility. This memo is to describe the process to ensure that cost accounts and funds are set up in the proper accounts within your budget.

  1. When reservice a room, please work with your Budget Analyst to establish the necessary cost account and transfer budget to cover this cost.
  2. The cost will be the hourly rate at time and 1/2 (hrly rate * 1.5) of the personnel chosen to provide the service plus 26% for related taxes.
  3. This funding is to be transferred from non-salary accounts to the appropriate Overtime account.
  4. After the event, the custodian or security personnel hired for the work should then fill out the appropriate Overtime Timesheet (attached)
  5. The department head or Principal who reserved the room fills in the appropriate cost account and signs the form indicating that the work was performed as requested for the amount of actual time outside the normal duty day.
  6. The Overtime Timesheet is to be submitted to Payroll for processing

Cost Accounts for These Services


Note: Replace xxxx with your accounting unit department location number.

  • Custodial OT: 1100 xxxx9502600 512000 1615
  • Security OT: 1100 xxxx9502600 512000 1219
  • Audio/Visual OT: 1100 xxxx9502500 512000 1511


Note: Replace xxx with your school location number.

  • Custodial OT: 1100 0xxx8502600 512000 1615
  • Security OT: 1100 0xxx8502600 512000 1219
  • Audio/Visual OT: 1100 xxxx8502500 512000 1511

If you have any questions, please contact your Budget Analyst.

Thank you for your support for APS Students.