Jobs Affected by Reorganization and Cutbacks

A message from the APS Steering Committee

May 8, 2017

As hard as we’ve tried to be transparent about the budget process, it seems like every day there is a new story in the media, a new tweet or post on social media, a new rumor spreading through schools and offices that are causing angst and frustration among our employees.

We’d like to alleviate some of that anxiety, but honestly, it’s hard to do when there are still so many unknowns.
What we can tell you is that any APS employee whose job will be affected by reorganization efforts or department cuts has been notified by now.

This includes school-based computer technicians. In an effort to be more efficient with less money, we are creating technology hubs in the four quadrants of the district where skilled computer technicians will assist schools as needed, often remotely. As a result of this reorganization, school technicians were released from their contracts, though they were encouraged to reapply for the newly created technician positions or other similarly-paying jobs.

We’re also reassigning many of our resource teachers, putting them back in schools in an effort to better serve students.

And as we’ve mentioned before, each department was asked to cut 10 percent of its budget (on top of cuts that were made due to mid-year budget reductions). Because department budgets mostly go to cover salaries and benefits, this meant cutting some positions as well.

In all, about 250 people were told that they would be reassigned or that their job was being eliminated as a result of reorganization or cutbacks. We have encouraged those people to apply for other jobs in the district and hope that many of them will continue to work with us.

In other news, we now know that the governor has scheduled a special session at the end of May, after we had planned the final board vote on our budget (we have to submit our budget to the state Public Education Department by June 1.) We’re not sure yet how we will proceed, but as always we will stay in touch so that you, our colleagues, will be informed on this situation that impacts your lives as well as the lives as the students and families we serve.