Budget Realities

APS welcomes ideas on ways to save money. We’re open to suggestions, but there are some items that are off the table:

  • Capital Funds: Using capital funds that are designated for construction and building maintenance to cover salaries or other operational expenses is against the law. For example, we can't use money designated for construction to pay for more teachers or books or reading specialists.
  • Federal Money and Grants: Federal funds designated for special education or Title I programs for low-income students must be used for those purposes. That applies to federal, state and local grants with specific designations.
  • Double Dippers: Singling out double-dippers (retired workers who have returned to work) for layoffs could be considered age discrimination.
  • Early Retirement: While private companies can offer retirement incentives, public agencies that deal with tax dollars cannot.
  • Four-Day Work Week: Studies show this would result in relatively little savings unless it included a 20-percent salary cut.
  • Buses: Public schools are required to provide bus transportation for students.