2016-2017 Budget

APS budget information for Fiscal Year 2016-2017.

In December 2015, a budget committee was formed to seek a 2-3 year solution to address declining enrollment, streamline expenditures and enhance revenues.

In February 2016, APS’ legislative staff communicated that a significant revenue shortfall would occur at the state level, and discussion was presented of a possible “special legislative session” that would occur after July 1, 2016, to address statewide revenue shortfalls that occurred in Fiscal Year 2016.

This additional action was anticipated to reduce funding, that flows to school districts through the State Equalization Guarantee (SEG) Formula, by at least another 1.2%.

With that assumption, the budget committee identified savings within departmental budgets and re-allocated them in the amount of $7.6M to contingency funds to offset the mid-year SEG reduction that was anticipated by APS Budget & Planning Staff, as well as COO Ruben Hendrickson, as the minimum reduction amount required to meet the outcome of the special session.

On May 18, 2016, the Albuquerque Public Schools Board of Education approved the district’s $1.35 billion budget for the current school year. The district used $5M in cash reserves to balance the budget for the 2016-17 school year.

Special Session Actions

September 2016 - $1.9 million: The New Mexico State Legislature met in special session, and actions taken reduced $9.5 million from the APS operational budget. In addition to the $7.6 million aside (noted above), an additional $1.9 million was required.
In order to meet the reductions:

  • Departments were asked to justify needs for the remainder of the fiscal year and offer up all non-salary balances over and above those justified.
  • The substitute budget was reduced based on current year trends.
  • Top administrators took an unpaid holiday (which saved the district approximately $25,000.)

September 2016 - $3.1 million: In addition, the Legislature cut $3.1 million from the APS Transportation and Instructional Materials funds during the special session.

2017 Regular Legislative Session

January 2017 - $12.5 million: The state Legislature passed Senate Bill 114 on January 25, 2017, to reduce public school cash balances by $46.1 million; APS share is identified at roughly $12.5 million.

Dealing with the Shortfall: Schools have been asked to refrain from purchasing classroom supplies for the time being, which could result in a $2 million savings. Other Proposals at the time of this publication are currently being considered.

The approved budget for this school year (2016-2017) is $1.3 billion. That includes:

  • $698 million in operational funds
  • $350 million in capital funds
  • $82 million from federal, state & local grants
  • $51 million for food services
  • $19 million for transportation
  • $6 million for instructional materials
  • $134 million for debt service

Operational vs. Other Funds

  • Operational Funds: Day-to-day expenses. Everything from employee salaries and benefits to utilities, supplies, and maintenance – are paid for with operational funds, 97 percent of which come from the state.
  • Capital Funds: Voters approve property taxes to pay for new school construction, renovations, repairs, and technology. By law, these funds cannot be used to cover operational costs such as teacher salaries and benefits.
  • Grants: APS receives federal, state, city and private grants that have specified uses. They may be used for salaries and benefits of employees providing those services. Grants usually have an expiration date.
  • Food Services: APS Food and Nutrition Services, which provides breakfast and lunch for students, is operated under the federally-funded National School Lunch Act and Child Nutrition Act and the National School Breakfast Act.
  • Transportation: The state provides funding for buses. APS operates most of those buses and also hires contractors to get students to and from school.
  • Instructional Materials: Each year, the state provides funding for textbooks and other instructional materials.