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Activity Fund Support Organizational Chart

Departmental Organization

  • Executive Director of Accounting, Mark Turnbull
    • Activity Fund Support Manager, Joyce Ramirez
      • Staff Auditor, Cassandra Patterson
      • Audit Specialist, Vacant
      • Audit Specialist, Rhiannon Chewiwi
      • Audit Specialist, Lisa Trepanier

Staff Assignments


Oversee all areas of department, Audit Committee, handle customer service phone calls, other duties as assigned.

Staff Auditor

Duties include coordinating activity fund audits for department, maintaining appropriate logs, conduct audits when there are allegations of fraud/embezzlement with regard to activity funds, conduct activity fund audits for all levels, handle customer service calls.

Audit Specialist

Conduct activity fund audits, train new incoming secretary/bookkeepers at the school level, cover for schools without a bookkeeper, handle customer service phone calls.