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Activity Fund Support Documents

STOP and GO List (PDF)

Guidelines for Activity Fund Checks for Services. Last updated: July 2020.

Activity Fund Manual (PDF)

Procedures prepared in conformity with the New Mexico Manual of Procedures for Public School Accounting and Budget. This manual was designed for principals, bookkeepers, and activity sponsors. Updated: October 2022.

Activity Fund Support Organizational Chart (PDF)

Organizational chart for Activity Fund Support. Last updated: August, 2022.

EPES Software Accounting Manual (PDF)

Activity Fund Policies and Procedures, 2021. For assistance, contact Activity Fund Support Office at (505) 880-3725.

School Pay, EPES Manual (PDF)

Synergy SchoolPay and EPES Reconciliation Process. Last updated July 2021.

GASB 84 Sub Account Matrix (PDF)

Activity Fund GASB 84 Sub Account Matrix. Last updated: July 2020.