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Vendor Request Documents

Vendor request document downloads. Download and save the file to your computer before filling out.

Applicant Vendor Questionnaire (PDF)

Applicant vendor questionnaire. This questionnaire to be completed by applicant vendors only.

Vendor Number Request Checklist (PDF)

Vendor checklist, fillable form. Last updated June 15, 2021.

IRS Form SS-8 (PDF)

Determination of Worker Status for Purposes of Federal Employment Taxes and Income Tax Withholding. Rev. May 2014.

APS Contractor Policies (DOC)

Purchasing Services from Independent Contractors. Policy revision, April 12, 2010.

APS Contractor Memo (DOC)

Memo from Tami Coleman outlining procedures for hiring independent contractors. Dated April 12, 2010.

APS Vendor Number Request Memo (PDF)

Memo from Tami Coleman outlining for requesting a vendor number for independent contractors. Dated March 7, 2014.