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High School Transition Fair

Tuesday, April 21, 2020
from 4:00 PM to 7:00 PM


Special Education: School Based Transition Services and Community Based Transition Services

Berna Facio Professional Development Center

3315 Louisiana Blvd NE, Albuquerque, NM 87110

School Based Transition Services

School Based Transition Services invites students and families to take advantage of an opportunity to meet with community organizations, college admissions, education, vocational training programs, adult agencies, and employers that support individuals with disabilities.

Make connections to start the post-high school planning process, and prepare for life beyond high school!


  • NM DD Waiver
  • Guardianship in New Mexico
  • Benefits Counseling
  • College and vocational training
  • Employment opportunities
  • Independent Living supports
  • Community involvement options
  • Employment supports


  • NM Department of Workforce Connections
  • NM Division of Vocational Rehabilitation
  • CNM
  • UNM
  • NM Department of Health
  • NM Long-term Services Department
  • Many, many more!

Community Supports for Special Education Students Transcript

Kathryn Murphy, Transition Specialist: Transition means change and change means entering into the unknown and we want to prepare our students to go into post-secondary life. We want to equip them with all the skills that they need. So we educate them through the public schools but transition fairs really pull together what are the opportunities in the community that they can engage in to additionally support their growth and development, through the middle schools and through the high schools to graduate and go into work, to go into college, to go into training programs. We want to see our students be successful. We want to see them transition into a meaningful life.

Eulalia Gonzales, Principal of School Based Transition Services: A Transition Fair is an opportunity for our community to come together and empower our students that have been identified as eligible for special education services to meet various community providers and services so that they are supported and can be as independent as possible when leaving our public school system.

Kathryn Murphy, Transition Specialist: These are a community oriented and it's inclusive to the entire family.

[Text on Screen.] Opportunities at Transition Fairs:

  • Employment.
  • Independent Living.
  • Higher Education.

Kathryn Murphy, Transition Specialist: So our focus is looking at students with disabilities and how we can engage them in finding employment opportunities, independent living opportunities, and educational opportunities, but we also want to provide service to the whole family. Because when everybody has what they need to be successful then we find that there is success.

Eulalia Gonzales, Principal of School Based Transition Services: Students should start attending transition fairs as soon as they are interested and as soon as they are able to start learning about their learning needs and their transition needs. In general terms in New Mexico, that's usually around age 14 but we always encourage or our middle schoolers as well as our high school students to participate.

[Text on Screen.] Transition Fairs are:

  • Free to attend.
  • Held in your area.

Contact your school's Special Education Transition Specialist.

Kathryn Murphy, Transition Specialist: Transition fairs are free to attend for the entire community. If you're interested in attending transition fare please speak to your middle school or high school transition specialist and they will provide you with a flyer for the dates for the upcoming middle school, high school, and zone transition fairs.

Eulalia Gonzales, Principal of School Based Transition Services: A Transition Fair is the opportunity to ask any and all questions that students or parents and even staff and community providers might have as it relates to transition, and to get questions answered and understand the supports that are available in our community.

Kathryn Murphy, Transition Specialist: If you are an employer in the community or community resource partner and you'd like to engage with Albuquerque Public Schools and supporting us and providing these transition Fairs to the community you can contact me, Kathryn Murphy.

[Text on Screen.] Kathryn Murphy,

Eulalia Gonzales, Principal of School Based Transition Services: If there's anyone in need of accommodations to participate in a transition fair individuals should contact our transition fair series team leader. If they'll give us a couple weeks of lead time that's really helpful. Whether it's an accessibility accommodation that's needed in terms of mobility or language or anything along those lines we're happy to accommodate, as much as possible.

Kathryn Murphy, Transition Specialist: So what we're looking at when you attend a transition fair is that you're walking out with something that you needed. Whether that's employment, whether that's education, whether that is health services.

[Text on Screen.] For more information about APS Special Education Transition Fairs or to find one in your area, contact: An APS Transition Fair Series Team Leader at

School Based Transition Services.

Vision: Empowered students and families ready to embrace the transition from high school to an independent and meaningful adult life.

Mission: The SBTS team will work in collaboration with school, family, and community stakeholders to construct and implement self-directed student transition plans for independence in the areas of Education, Employment, Independent Living, and Community Involvement by promoting and teaching self-advocacy and self-determination.

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