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Discrimination and Harassment: Administration

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For All Principals and Site Administrators

The following checklist is a tool that can guide you as you address complaints that involve allegations of discrimination or harassment based on race, color, national origin/ancestry, ethnicity, sex/gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, religion, age, disability, veteran status, HIV status and/or any other protected status as defined by law, or retaliation for participating in a protected activity. By using the checklist and forms attached, you will be able to meet your responsibilities in documenting your appropriate response to this type of complaint about prohibited conduct, as is required by Title VI and Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, Title IX of the Educational Amendments of 1972, Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1974 and the Americans with Disabilities Act as amended.  This type of conduct, or possible conduct, reported by any student or employee must be addressed even when the complainant does not want to file a formal complaint with this office. Retain a copy of this document to assist you in responding to any incident of this type.

How the checklist and form can assist you, the administrator:     

  • By checking to make sure you have completed each step in the checklist you can be assured that you have properly documented your response to allegations of prohibited conduct and harassment as required by law.

  • The inquiry report will assist you in confidently handling these difficult issues.

  • When you have completed your required documentation you should maintain a copy in your files.  You MUST also fill out the Report a Concern Form.  This will protect both you and the District by indicating that proper attention is given to such complaints.

Some ways EOS can help:

  • You may contact this office at any point to have an investigator provide additional direction, or respond to your questions at 855-9831.

  • EOS can assist in assessing the validity of the allegations, determining whether APS policies or procedures may have been violated, or determining if additional investigation by our office may be warranted.

  • EOS may also assist in the appropriate referral or notification of other APS District departments or administrators to address such concerns as personnel issues, potential liability to the District, needed resources for corrective actions or modifications related to District procedures.


You may keep this checklist for future reference when handling inquiry reports.

It is important that when you receive notice of a concern from a student or employee that alleges potential prohibited conduct or wrongdoing, you should determine the validity of the concern and not make an immediate judgment about whether the incident did or did not occur. You should investigate the concerns in a timely manner, make sure that the inappropriate behaviors have ceased, follow-up, and document all of your action(s).  In handling these concerns, you must remain neutral, fair, listen to all individuals involved, be consistent, and adhere to APS Board Policy(s) and District procedural directive(s).  Policies and Procedural Directives are available on the APS website.

  • Have you obtained a written statement from the complainant?

  • Did you inform the respondent of the allegation(s) that have been made against him or her?  

  • Did you obtain a written statement from the respondent?

  • Did you determine if the respondent has a history of the alleged behavior?

  • Did you inform the complainant and the respondent about retaliation?

  • Did the complainant or respondent tell you about any witnesses?  If yes, did you obtain a statement from the witness(es)?

  • Did you inform the complainant or the parent/legal guardians of his or her rights and responsibilities?

  • Did you inform the complainant or the parent/legal guardians of his or her options, such as contacting EOS?

  • Did you take appropriate disciplinary action(s) based on the findings of your investigation?

  • Did you follow-up to make sure the inappropriate behavior has ceased?

  • Did you conduct your investigation in a timely manner?

  • Did you document all aspects of your investigation?

Training Request Form

This form is for staff and administration to request additional training in regards to the protected categories, harassment, K-12 responsibilities, gender support, confidentiality and privacy, and professionalism and boundaries.

Fillable Complaint Forms

  • Physical Access Request: This is the form for employees, students, and families to request that changes be made to provide better accessibility to a facility.
  • Report a Concern (Fillable Form): This is the form to provide to employees, students, and families who have indicated that they want to file an informal complaint.
  • Complaint Forms (PDF)

    This is the form to provide to employees, students, and families who have indicated that they want to file a formal complaint.