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This online resource for all APS staff and students is provided by the APS Technology Department.  There are dozens of courses available to you that will improve your skills and productivity.  From Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint to Assertiveness and Leadership courses, you'll find many topics that will help you in the classroom, on the job, or at home.  APS OnlineExpert is easy to use and features videos of recognized experts that make learning fun and effective.

LearnKey Access for APS Employees:

  1. Using a web browser like Internet Explorer, Firefox (preferred browser), or Safari, go to:  http://APS.OnlineExpert.com
  2. Click on the Guided Tour link for a brief overview on how to access courses and navigate the system
  3. Enter your APS credentials in the Username and Password fields
  4. Click Log In and begin exploring! 

LearnKey Access for APS Students:

Student access is set up at the request of a facilitating instructor.  Teachers may request student accounts by submitting an email to

Learn Key Support