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Request for Chromebook Donations: DonorsChoose + APS

DonorsChoose is a great resource for teachers who are looking for help with classroom projects and the equipment to complete them. The APS Technology department  wants to enable teachers to use this resource while also following the correct process to procure technology equipment via our preferred vendors which will streamline the purchase, management licensing, enrollment, deployment, implementation and support. 

This policy will outline the process for teachers to follow so that the correct equipment make, model and configuration is requested from the correct vendors so that our technology teams can best implement and provide support after they have been received. 

DonorsChoose has a Special Request Projects process that must be used so that resources can be procured from TIG (our local technology partner) through DonorsChoose.

DonorsChoose Process

Step 1:

Teachers should create accounts as the first step (if you’re new to DonorsChoose, there are some great resources here: 

Step 2:

Teachers must contact DonorsChoose Customer Support to request a special request project from a district-preferred technology vendor (TIG is the contracted vendor for Chromebooks). See below image for drop down selection on the Customer Support page.  

Screenshot of the contact page.

In the “How can we help?” box please use this language: 

"I need to request materials through my district's preferred vendor, rather than one of your integrated vendors."

Step 3:

Teachers must upload a payment document when creating their project. Please contact  to get this document.  

Step 4:

Once the project is fully-funded, the teacher must upload an updated payment document that DonorsChoose can use to send a check to the vendor (TIG). Please check with  to get an updated document if necessary, this can be needed if the quote has expired. 

Step 5:

DonorsChoose will send payment directly to the contact listed on the payment document and then TIG will procure, configure and deliver the devices.

This page was last updated on: January 29, 2020.