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Posted: May 8, 2014

Students are Active Learners in Rick Sleeter's Class

The Eldorado High history and anthropology teacher is the latest TIG/APS Education Foundation Innovation Award winner.

Eldorado High School teacher Rick Sleeter uses technology every day in every class because he wants his students to be active participants in everything they learn. To help with this process, the history and anthropology teacher has created an iPad lab in his classroom, making technology easily accessible and convenient to use.

Another creative way Sleeter uses technology is to attach QR codes to items on a school scavenger hunt so that students can scan them and instantly go to websites to gather information.

Sleeter's creative use of technology in the classroom has earned him the latest Innovation Award. Technology Integration Group, in cooperation with the APS Education Foundation, sponsors the monthly award, giving a $2,500 prize to district teachers who are advancing education in the classroom through the use of technology. It is hoped that this award will allow honorees to spark even more innovative teaching and learning. A $100 cash prize also is provided for the Innovation award winner.

Sleeter said he plans to the award money to buy iPad frames that are mounted on the desks, creating a safe and convenient way for students to access technology.

"It is often difficult to schedule computer lab time. It takes effort and time to go and get set up, so it is more like a special event. Creating an iPad lab in my classroom makes it easily accessible and allows this classroom to use the technology at an instant's notice," Sleeter said.

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