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Posted: February 20, 2024

Student of the Week - Joanne Martinez-Silva

Fifth-grader at Rudolfo Anaya Elementary School

What Joanne’s parents say:

“JoAnne is a kind and intelligent individual. She has a heart filled with love and compassion, not only for her family and friends but also animals of every kind.” Jo is also outgoing, makes people laugh, and makes her parents incredibly proud.

What Joanne’s teacher says: 

Joanne is intelligent, organized, and performs above expectations. She is always willing to help in the classroom, is respectful, and “her positive attitude lightens up the room.”   - Rocio Cuevas

Favorite subject: 

She is excitingly expanding her “Places to Visit” list with Social Studies. She loves to research and learn about different cities, states, and countries. In English Language Arts, she enjoys writing and presenting.  

Hobbies and activities: 

At school, Joanne participates in cheer and volleyball. Outside of school, she is busy with rollerskating, swimming, singing, dancing, art and more.

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