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Posted: February 28, 2023

Student of the Week - Chance Matthew

10th Grader at Cibola High School

Student of the Week, Chance Matthew

Student of the Week, Chance Matthew

What do you like about school:

I like going to practice with my team because they are like a second family to me. I adore the science and art departments at Cibola.

What is your favorite class:

Either ceramics or chemistry. Ms. Delmargo makes the ceramics environment so peaceful and we get to focus on something that's not filled with numbers or Shakespeare but is full of creativity. Chemistry would definitely have to be up there with ceramics, mainly because of my teacher, Mr. Mann. He is very good at teaching the content that he knows by heart. Learning about the elements that make up so much of what is around us is fascinating.

Activities and hobbies:

Archery, MESA club, swimming, pottery, painting, aquariums, plants, travel and animals.

Plans for the future:

I'm not sure about my plans, but I think that is totally OK. It is best to live in the moment. But I'm thinking of something like owning a studio for my ceramic work or having an animal shelter to save as many lives as I can.

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