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Posted: March 29, 2021

Selfless Senior Spotlight: Sarah Rutherford

Sarah Rutherford of Sandia High School

"Hello, my name is Sarah Rutherford. I am honored to find out that I was nominated and selected to be the Sandia High School Selfless Senior for the 2020-2021 school year. For me, volunteering is two-fold. It's not about the recognition, which is nice, but about what I, you, people give back to the community and the great feeling you get while doing so. The organizations that I volunteer for such as Fat Katz cat rescue and Wanagi Wolf Rescue are dear to my heart. I not only get to help take care of cats and wolves, but I also get to take care of myself. It is a wonderful stress reliever and a great way to show love and compassion to animals that have been abused, forgotten, or just left out. It shows them that not all humans are bad and they are going to find forever homes filled with love. It's a fantastic feeling knowing that I can give in a small way, to a world that is much greater than me.

When I graduate from high school my hope for Albuquerque is that as a city, as a community they can give back to what has given us so much!”

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