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Posted: February 1, 2022

Selfless Senior Spotlight: James Vanhille

Meet James Vanhille, the 2022 Selfless Senior of La Cueva High School.

“Passion is what animates me. I am James Vanhille from La Cueva High School. I’ve lived in many places and been a student in three high schools. This has been difficult for me. Upon being new at each of my schools, I had a decision to make, be morose in not knowing anyone or make friends, especially with those who are lonely. I chose the second option and love trying to treat others with kindness. If we really look, we can see that people who are disadvantaged, suffering, or friendless surround us. As a member of the Albuquerque Youth Suicide Prevention Collaborative, I work with youth advocates in Albuquerque to encourage the mental health of youth across the state.  We can lift them up. I’m committed to doing so. It’s my passion.”