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Posted: February 1, 2022

Selfless Senior Spotlight: Ashley Palmer

Meet Ashley Palmer, the 2022 Selfless Senior of eCademy High School.

“I am Ashley Palmer, the student chosen as eCademy High School's Selfless Senior. My nomination for Selfless Senior came as a surprise to me. I did not realize the extent to which I had influenced the lives around me. Receiving my nomination was an honor. I have never felt as if I had a “duty” to help others. The word “duty” implies that it was a job or chore to do so. I love to share positive actions in the lives of others, and anything I can do to make someone's day a little better, I am willing to do. Volunteering at the Albuquerque Center for Hope and Recovery, cleaning the facilities, because I believe “everybody deserves a home to feel welcome in”, for the residents to have a safe haven. Thank you for choosing me to represent eCademy.”