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Posted: January 12, 2012

Scooter Basketball Rocks at Wherry ES

Wherry ES students are getting fit and learning the rudiments of basketball at the same time they are having a lot of fun, thanks to innovative PE Coach David Fietek.

Coach Fietek directs 3rd grade teams during a rousing game of scooter basketball at Wherry ES.

Coach Fietek directs 3rd grade teams during a rousing game of scooter basketball at Wherry ES.


Wherry PE Coach David Fietek applied for a JAS Creative Grant last year to purchase updated and useful equipment for the school's PE program.  Studies have shown that student learning is directly tied to physical activity and that better equipment leads to more student participation and cognitive development.  Updated equipment can also increase cardiovascular health. 

A visit to a 3rd grade PE session this week confirmed that fun is an additional result from using updated equipment.  Some of the funds from the grant award were used for Rocket Racer floor scooters, wall baskets, team jerseys and a portable scoreboard.  Students enthusiastically participated in the scooter basketball game all the while learning teamwork, collaboration, basketball skills like passing and shooting, and even math, when it came time to change the score.  As Coach Fietek says, "These innovative lessons in PE class can spillover into all learning areas for my students and new and updated equipment can only add to this learning." 

Congratulations to Coach Fietek for a successful grant implementation this year.  All former JAS Creative Grant winners are encouraged to apply for the Fall 2012 Horizon Campaign Awards.  The information packet and application can be found on this website under grants and also on the APS Education Foundation website at under Horizon Campaign.