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Posted: August 30, 2012

Online Donations Coming in for Classrooms, Schools

Website sponsored by the APS Education Foundation helps teachers and schools ask for donations for specific educational needs.

Go to to set up an account for your class or school,or to make a donation.

Testimonials for are coming in quickly – and happily.

The APS Education Foundation online donation tool that directly helps teachers and schools is being used by hundreds of APS teachers, many of whom are raving about the donations they’ve already received.

Amy Richardson, a special needs kindergarten teacher at Dolores Gonzales, wrote this about a recent donation:

“We purchased some calming light fixtures that will go over our bright, fluorescent lights in the classroom. Three of my students squint and are distracted by the rapid movements of the fluorescent light, so these will make the room feel calm and less distracting,” she wrote. “One of my parents said that her son struggles to go to Target and the grocery store because he is overloaded by his sensory environment. Another one of my students has severe attention problems, and I know these awesome lights will help him focus!”

Annette Saiz, a first-grade reading skills teacher at Wherry Elementary, bought a set of charts, dry-erase markers, pencil sharpeners and a chart pad with donations she’d received in just the first weeks of

“All of the supplies are valuable to our classroom,” she wrote. “Each will be used during our classroom routines.”

It takes less than five minutes to register and create an account on the website. All APS administrators and teachers are eligible, and the tool allows teachers to contact friends, parents, supporters through the Internet to ask for donations online. – it works.

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