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Posted: April 7, 2024

Nusenda and APS Education Foundation Team Up for EA Scholarships

10 APS educational assistants received the $2,500 scholarship.

Educational Assistants receive scholarships

Educational Assistants receive scholarships

The Nusenda Educational Assistant Scholarship is for APS EAs seeking to be teachers through a higher education plan to receive teacher certification. This scholarship is designed to provide financial support during student teaching. 

This year's $2,500 scholarship was awarded to 10 EAs: 

  • Michelle Carney, Comanche Elementary School
  • Paola Escareno, Los Padillas Elementary School
  • Ricky Gallegos, Lew Wallace Elementary School
  • Caitlyn Hanley, Montezuma Elementary School
  • Jerri Johnson, Edward Gonzales Elementary School
  • Nikole Lujan, Tierra Antigua Elementary School
  • Gabriela Ronquillo, Reginald Chavez Elementary School
  • Victoria Sierra, Lew Wallace Elementary School
  • Robert Valencia, Janet Kahn Integrated Arts Elementary
  • Amber Wisley, John Baker Elementary School

Two of the recipients are bilingual in Spanish and proficient in sign language. Nine are focusing on elementary education, one is focused on secondary.

Nusenda's roots are in education. They work with community partners to ensure that educators are supported and students get the help they need to succeed.

This scholarship is intended to be offered again next year, opening in December 2024. Check the APS Education Foundation website for more information.