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Posted: April 19, 2012

Nearly $61,000 Awarded to Latest Horizon Award Winners

More than 60 teachers at 20 schools are recipients of the springtime cycle of the awards sponsored by the APS Education Foundation.

Classrooms throughout Albuquerque Public Schools will see new musical instruments, improved technology and new and different teaching techniques thanks to the springtime grant cycle of the APS Education Foundation’s Horizon Awards.

The Foundation awarded more than $60,000 to proposals in Fine Arts, Middle/High School Activities, Literacy and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math). Recipients will be honored during a reception during the May 2 Board of Education Meeting.

Members of the Foundation Board of Directors and members of the community read and scored the grants. Since fall 2010, the Foundation has awarded more than $210,000 in Horizon Awards.

“Our judges were very complimentary about the quality of the projects they reviewed and were excited about the success they will bring,” said Foundation Executive Director Phill Casaus. “Horizon Awards have become the pre-eminent funding source for teachers who are looking to do something innovative in their classrooms. These awards happen thanks to businesses and community members who make the Horizon Awards happen.”

Recipients of the springtime cycle of the Horizon Awards include:

  • Gail Ferris, Megan Wylie, Allison Shanahan, Andrea Prangley, and Melissa Maestas of Volcano Vista High School.
  • Julie Gallegos and Meghan Miller of the Juvenile Detention Center’s education program.
  • Doris Merzweiler, Joan Culver, Audie Brown and Michael Neff of Hayes Middle School and  Brita Judd of Wilson Middle School
  • Charles Anderson and Keri Steplowski of Van Buren Middle School.
  • Anne Bateman Kendall and Tony Carson of Jimmy Carter Middle School.
  • Terry Gaussoin, Stephanie Mast and Carol Lee O’Keeffe of Eubank Elementary School.
  • Clint “Tee” McDougal, Karen Turano, Darlene Benedict, Teresa Silva, Gwen Moseley, Andrea Britton, Fred March and Dorian Chavez of Eugene Field Elementary School.
  • Cristal Wilson, Elicia Chavez, and Principal Renee Gallegos of Los Ranchos Elementary School.
  • Vince Case, Sherry McCarty and Laura McGovern of Sandia Mountain Natural History Center.
  • Diane Cameron of Dolores Gonzales Elementary School and Anna Benavidez of Reginald Chavez Elementary School
  • Patricia Garcia, Margie Severn, Joy Ehler, Liz DeKinder, Kathy Woodruff, Kendall Ritter, and Jennifer Montano, Special Education Principal,  of Lyndon B. Johnson Middle School.
  • Amy Richardson, Norma Quinones and  Roberta Pohl of Dolores Gonzales Elementary School.
  • Sara Carrillo, Laurice Davidson, Georgia Martin, and Shayna Lazar of Mountain View Elementary School.
  • Heather Diluzio of Pajarito Elementary School.
  • Ritamarie Theiler (two grants awarded), Kathy Nye and Julie McFee of McCollum Elementary School.
  • Caroline Benavidez, ShaRon Dandy and Carla Sanchez of Zia Elementary School.
  • Cynthia Mitchell, Randi Banach and Jacqueline Robison of Albuquerque High School.
  • Shannon Rhoades, Carol Leyendecker and Ethel Goebel of Georgia O’Keeffe Elementary School.
  • Lori Hickox, Michelle Mullen, Emily Myer and Roxanne Johnson of Lyndon B. Johnson Middle School.
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