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Posted: April 28, 2011

Join-a-School Creative Grants Winners Announced

We're happy to announce the winners of the 2011-2012 Join-a-School Creative Grants.

Phill Casaus of the APS Education Foundation (left), Toby Herrera of the APS Student Service Center (center), and Dr. Diego Gallegos, Assistant Superintendent for Schools and Community, attended the event recognizing grant winners.

Elementary Schools

A. Montoya

  • Patrick Blevins, Technology Tool to Support Learning
  • Michelle Johnson and Sherry Meagher, Purchase of Activotes
  • Michelle Johnson and Patrick Blevins, Purchase of Activiews


  • Loretta Murphy, Gaining Math Fact Fluency with an iPod Touch


  • Sally Giannini, Nightly Reading for First Graders
  • Kristi Hopper, 2nd Grade Nightly Reading
  • Michelle Treme, Healthy Hearts, Healthy Minds


  • Jill Logan and Irene Encinias, Developing the Peace Garden as an Outdoor Classroom
  • Toni Williamson and Holly Kraynik, Cochiti Mileage Club

Georgia O’Keeffe

  • Rona Gomez, Persuasion, Debate, and the Art of 60 Second Storytelling
  • Dot Hounshell, It All Adds Up – Math Enrichment
  • Cindy Romero, Guiding Gurus
  • William Sadler, Reading 2.0
  • Karen Zarrella, Building a Knowledge of New Mexico

Helen Cordero Primary

  • Tess Armstrong, Character Counts in P.E.
  • Andrea Britton, Incubating Classroom Learning


  • Christina Burger and Cathy Witty, Progressing Beyond the Status Quo: “PBS+”

La Mesa

  • Gene Saavedra, Principal’s Book of the Month Program

Lew Wallace

  • Sonja Smith, Luck of the IWish
  • Daniel DeLaO, Follow the Reader:  Book, Line & Sinker

Los Padillas

  • Judith Mitsoff, Carol Cabiedes, and Miriam Martinez, “Extended Learning Opportunities”


  • Angela Durham, Learning Vocabulary with Scrabble

Reginald Chavez

  • Carmen MacErnie, Ana Montoya, and Sadie Pino, “Café by the Beach”


  • David J. Fietek, Physical Education Equipment


  • Beth Davis, Help Support and Promote Positive Choices

Middle Schools


  • Leann Tonjes, Problem-Based Social Studies


  • Vanessa Williams, Middle School Book Nookers


  • Laura Wicks, Increasing Student Achievement Via AVID & Student-Made “Help” Videos

L.B. Johnson

  • Kelly Trigo, Poetry for 21st Century Learners

High Schools


  • Melinda Forward, Adventures in Cooking
  • Benjamin Garcia, “How Does Propaganda Influence What We Eat?” – A Biology Perspective
  • Tom Moppert and Charlie Steele, Literature Circles with E-Readers

La Cueva

  • Dawn Witiuk, Eating Our Way Through APStatistics
  • Dawn Witiuk, See Math Now!

Rio Grande

  • Caryn Spohn, Lights, Camera and Action:  Projecting Reading, Writing Via Technology

Volcano Vista

  • Lisa Valdez and Heidi Wells, Links to Life:  Connecting Learning to Real Life Experiences

Alternative Schools and Departments


  • Alicia Ruch-Flynn and Jason Krosinsky, Individualizing and Differentiating Math Curriculum

Juvenile Detention School

  • Julie Gallegos, Healthy Cooking and Life Style

New Futures

  • Sara Winsett, Laptime Reading Club

Montgomery Complex

  • Ronda Davis, Taking Advantage of a National Training of Mathematics Educators

Charter Schools

Career Academic and Technical Academy

  • Maribeth Dvorak and Reggie Tyler, Implementing Active Gaming in the Physical Education Classroom

East Mountain High School

  • Laura Berlin-Martinez, One Act Wonders
  • Alan Chancellor, Dream Home Project
  • David Lang, Outdoor Leadership Training: Wolf Country
  • Michael Jamison, What we Eat
  • Brenda Wilvert, The Physics of Flight