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Posted: April 15, 2013

Hoover MS Drama Club Students Share Their Expertise With The Community

The Creature of Cactus Creek Provides Middle School Drama Club Outreach through the support of a Fall 2012 Horizon Award.

Cast members gather before the production of The Creature of Cactus Creek at the Eldorado HS Performing Arts Center for the traditional “break a leg” toast.

The project, submitted by teacher and drama club advisor Dale Simpkins, requested funding to create a drama outreach troupe that would travel to local elementary schools for performances.  Students also attended a drama festival and, finally, designed, rehearsed, and performed a play for the community at the Eldorado HS Performing Arts Center.

Approximately 325 appreciative family members and friends of the cast gathered on April 11 to enjoy the one and a half hour production The Creature of Cactus Creek.  Mr. Simpkins noted that “for a middle school student to commit the time required for a play, their loved ones have to commit as well.”  He also thanked the APS Education Foundation and the Horizon Awards in his introductory remarks.  “Without the Foundation’s financial support, I don’t think we would be here tonight.  A donation to the APSEF supports the students at APS schools citywide,” he said.  The Hoover students were joined by both Eldorado and Manzano HS students helping crew for the play and so the endeavor was a true middle and high school collaboration. 

The two-act science-fiction spoof offered UFOs, mysterious creatures from outer space, ill-disguised greed and heroic rescues!    When a tea-bag-shaped UFO lands at Cactus Creek, the money-hungry Sheriff gets his hands on the strange creature inside. Eager for fame and money, he hooks up with two zany scientists. Their plans are thwarted by a group of snooping teenagers who plot to kidnap the creature and take it on the road.  Only Katie, the #1 jailhouse janitor, and her crew of kind-hearted cleaning ladies have the alien's best interests in mind and it is returned to outer space unharmed.  The play was great fun for both cast and spectators.

Hoover Principal Kathy Alexander said, “These types of quality activities would absolutely not be possible without the Horizon Awards.  We at Hoover are so appreciative of the support provided by the APS Education Foundation.”