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Posted: April 10, 2019

Foundation Announces Achieve, Horizon, Success Award Winners

More than $115,000 provided to enhance curriculum and instruction and engage students.

From afterschool robotics clubs to a school community garden, in Spring 2019 the APS Education Foundation provided more than $115,500 in classroom and out-of-school time grants to enhance curriculum and instruction and engage students in everyday learning.

Funding was provided through the following Foundation grantmaking programs: Success Awards, Achieve Awards and Horizon Awards in STEM, Finance and Literacy.

The Foundation received 79 applications from over 50 elementary, middle and high schools throughout the district. With the help of APS Education Foundation Board members and volunteers throughout the community, each application was carefully reviewed, scored and ranked based upon overall student impact, innovation and investment.

Horizon and Achieve grant applications were reviewed anonymously, without identifying the school or employee.

To determine funding for the Success Awards, top-scoring applicants were invited to participate in a grant presentation. Applicants received ten minutes to share their project ideas and funding needs with Board members. Overall, 27 projects were awarded, impacting 7,505 students.  

Congratulations to the following schools and innovative projects selected as a grant winner!

Achieve Award Winners

  • A. Montoya Elementary School, Sphero Heros, $1,050
  • Albuquerque High School, Crafty "Dawgs," $600
  • Bel Air Elementary School, STEAM Club, $7,807
  • Cibola High School, Band!, $1,275
  • Cibola High School, Robotics Team Expansion, $3,600
  • Collet Park Elementary School, Practicing Self-Regulation, $395
  • eCademy High School, Health Initiative, $660
  • Eldorado High School, Skills for Success, $7,000
  • Garfield Middle School, Robotics Club, $3,338
  • Harrison Middle School, After School Cooking Club, $4,200
  • Highland High School, Outdoor Adventure Club, $5,225
  • La Cueva High School, National Orchestra Festival, $2,785
  • Lew Wallace Elementary School, Icing On The Cake Club, $1,500
  • Manzano High School, 1st Annual NM Youth Diversity Conference, $225
  • Manzano High School, Outdoor Club, $4,000
  • Nex+Gen Academy, Griffin Robotics First Tech Challenge & MESA STEM Space, $5,927

Horizon Awards

  •  Atrisco Heritage Academy, Printmaking Studio Creation, $1,500
  • La Cueva High School, Performing Arts Musical 2020, $4,049 
  • Jefferson Middle School, The Crossover Whole School Book Club, $4,995 
  • A. Montoya Elementary School, Ecosystem Journals, $200 
  • Garfield STEM School, Next Generation Middle School Biology, $920 
  • Hodgin Elementary, Robot Competition and Family Fun, $1,691 
  • Lew Wallace Elementary, Never Trust An Atom They Make Up Everything, $4,784 
  • Lew Wallace Elementary School, You Know Watt's Up? I'm De-Lighted You Asked!, $2,304

Success Awards

  • Carlos Rey Elementary, Establishing A Sustainable School Community Garden, $16,263 Comanche Elementary, Engagement for All Our Diverse Learners, $19,250
  • Desert Ridge Middle School, Redesigning the Desert Ridge Middle School Advocacy Program, $10,000
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