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Posted: January 10, 2024

APS Education Foundation Reports Fall 2023 Grant Winners

The Foundation awarded $332,926 to innovative programs across the district to provide more students with opportunities to succeed.

Educators from across the district worked with their administrators, their peers, their students, their families, their community partners, district departments, and APS Education Foundation (APSEF) staff to prepare grant proposals.  Proposals to fund innovative approaches to improve outcomes for students and staff must have support because change happens when the creative, the passionate, and the dedicated work together.   

Total of $332,926 was awarded in Fall 2023!

Find Information About Awarded Grants:

Fall 2023 winners receive their checks 

 Summary of Awarded Grants

  • Classroom & Grade Level Learning: $37,570 awarded, impacting 1575 students students, 107 staff.
  • Guhl Early Literacy: $60,000 awarded, impacting 1948 students, 1452 staff.
  • Pepsi Prepare To Succeed: $2,000 awarded, impacting 435 students, 7 staff.
  • Schoolwide Impact: $74,117 awarded, impacting 3000 students, 375 staff.
  • Pepsi Competition/Travel: $10,000 awarded, impacting 50 students, 5 staff.
  • Student Clubs & Activities: $107,652 awarded, impacting 2279 students, 162 staff.
  • Transformative Idea Grant: $15,000 awarded, impacting 1,900 students, 65 staff.
  • Varsity Awards (Garden and Field Trips): $2,202 awarded, impacting 753 students