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Apply to Be a Student Board Member

Education Foundation Student Board Member 2024 Applications Will Open March 2024.

Student Board Members

Student Board Member Application

Three APS students serve on the Foundation board of directors. They are equals and peers -- and contribute their thoughts and time to our success. Beginning the 2024-2025 school year, we are looking for two new student board members who will join in May 2024. Interested? Apply by April 6, 2024

Student board members will have full voting privileges and responsibilities, and their terms will last through their time at an APS traditional or alternative high school.

As a student member, you will serve with key business, community and education leaders, including APS Superintendent and Board of Education President. You will play a part in organizing the Foundation’s fundraising and consciousness-raising events. You also will serve on a committee that will help guide key aspects of the Foundation’s operations.

Potential board members may apply for membership to the Foundation Executive Director Shannon Barnhill, who will place nominations before the Foundation’s Executive Committee. That committee will select the nominees and forward them for approval by the full board.

The ideal candidate will be a current sophomore or junior. Service term on the board is one to two years depending on the student's year in high school.

Nominations for membership must include:

  • A recommendation and permission letter from an APS high school principal. The permission indicates allowing the student to miss class for bi-monthly board meetings, in addition to an occasional committee meeting.
  • A reference from an APS teacher who has had direct contact with the student.
  • A letter from parent/guardian allowing the student to miss class for bi-monthly Board meetings, in addition to an occasional committee meeting.
  • Deadline for nominations is April 6, 2024.

Apply Now - Applications open March 2024

Fill out the application form, attach letters of recommendation and permission, and hit the Submit Button.

Contact Information

  • Phone: (505) 878-6165

For More Information:

For questions or more information about APS Education Foundation grants or scholarships, contact the APS Education Foundation Grant Manager, by email at .