Foundation Awards Funding to 39 Projects Through Horizon Awards

The annual awards sponsored by the APS Education Foundation go to innovative projects in fine arts, STEM and literacy.

Thirty-nine innovative projects in fine arts, STEM and literacy have been funded through the 2017 APS Education Foundation Horizon Awards. The grants, totaling $99,694, will assist APS teachers as they provide engaging instruction to their students.

Members of the APS Education Foundation Board of Directors and members of the community made decisions on nearly a hundred submissions.

“These awards will help our teachers create even more dynamic approaches to their classrooms,” said Shannon Barnhill, executive director of the Foundation.

Individuals in the community and businesses throughout Albuquerque help make Horizon Awards and other Foundation grants possible. Another key component, Barnhill added, was the APS Employees’ United Way Campaign, proceeds from which go to the Foundation and help fund the grants.

Since September, the Foundation has awarded $359,109 in school wide grants through the Guhl Literacy, Achieve, Varsity and Success Awards.

Thank you for this wonderful opportunity!  The children ask everyday if they can read and reread these terrific books.  It is such a beautiful thing to witness children who love to read and who love to access their own learning. - Dana Pacewicz, Bel-Air Elementary School

Fine Arts:

  • Shelly Andes, Madison Middle: Let's Get Albuquerque Singing: The Song Continues, $1,500
  • Paul Arroyo, APS Fine Arts Department: Technology in the Elementary Music Classroom, $1,500
  • Ann Blankenship, Eldorado High School: Maria Martinez Pueblo Pottery, $1,500
  • Cynthia Bowra & Gail Schmitz Eaton, Los Ranchos Elementary: Lead By Example Mosaic Mural, $3,300
  • Kimberly DelMargo & Sarah McHaffie, Cibola High: Bring Back the ARTS, $5,000
  • Thaison Garcia, Madison Middle: Making Mischief, $1,500
  • Paul Garcia, Del Norte High: Digital Recovery Program, $1,500
  • Josephine Gonzales, Highland High: Instrument Repair, $600
  • Carla Haynes, Rosy Poling & Karen Price, Unified ARTS Resource Library: District Wide ARTS Integration Resources, $5,000
  • Canice Laubhan, Truman Middle: Music Literacy, $1,282
  • Elena Maietta, Jimmy Carter Middle: Tech Out the Tiny Choir Room, $338
  • Darlene Saavedra, Rio Grande High: Digital Camera for Rent, $1,500
  • Daniel Sault, Truman Middle: Band Instructional Clinic, $1,500


  • Stephanie Blythe & Robert Butler, Collet Park Elementary: Fitting All The Pieces, $2,604
  • Lucinda Crowley & Laura Campbell, Chelwood Elementary: Read a Book All the Way Home, $4,990
  • Gail Ferris, Cleveland Middle School: Community Based Literacy, $750
  • Mary Hoover, Harrison Middle: Two Choices, $1,500
  • Dana Pacewicz & Melissa Brenner, Bel-Air Elementary: Back to the Basics: Investigating Our World Through the Magic of Books, $4,403
  • Soraya Vincent, Eldorado High: Chromes for Class, $5,000
  • Ellee Weaks & Randy Martin, Desert Ridge Middle: Chromebooks for Equity and Heritage, $4,914


  • Abel Abeita, Valley High School: Broadcast to the World via Proview Network, $1,500
  • Jamie Bachmann, Manzano High: Three Words...Early Cancer Detection, $1,124
  • Sarah Carlsen, Rudolfo Anaya Elementary: STEAM Powered Coding, $3,253
  • Daniel DeLaO, Sombra Del Monte Elementary: You Know What's Odd? Every Other Number, $1,500
  • Kathy James & Sebastian Romero, Sombra del Monte Elementary: One LEGO at a Time, $4,955
  • Donald Johnson, Eldorado High: Cyber Patriot, $1500
  • Lisa Kauffman & Rueben Gershin, Sandia High: Farm to Table, $505
  • Valerie Kovach, Albuquerque High: Robotics, Arduinos and LED for Learning Science Standards, $1,500
  • Cheryl Leung & Susan Baker, Desert Ridge Middle: Empowering Engineering Entrepreneurs, $5,000
  • Lucia Lower, Ventana Ranch Elementary: Minecraft Education/STEAM: After School Club/Class, $1,500
  • Steve McGuinness & Jackie Cusimano, Manzano High: The Smart Farm Project, $4,500
  • Meredith Medlicott & Deanne Smith, Del Norte High: Solar-Powered Aquaponic Greenhouse, $4,569
  • Christina Nunez, Seven Bar Elementary: Using Google Tools to Take STEM to the Next Level, $4,689
  • Phil Olona & Gina Olona, Cleveland Middle: Our Actions Matter, $2700
  • Phil Olona, Cleveland Middle: STEM PVC Engineering Projects, $449
  • Tania Salinas, Gifted Education Department: Hands-On STEM Via Lego Robots, $4,925
  • William Siefert, Angela Alderete & Dean Gessel, Cibola High: Built to Learn, $2,475
  • Chris Speck, Garfield STEM Middle: Coral in the Classroom, $769
  • Helen Stein & Yvonne Wong, Coyote Willow Family School: Creating and Observing a Pollinator Garden: A Citizen Science Project, $2,100