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Transformative Idea Grant (the TIG)

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Together with the Technology Integration Group, the APS Education Foundation provides grants to ground-breaking programs that enhance school climate, increase student engagement, and promote social emotional learning. 

The Transformative Idea Grant (TIG) aims to build classroom experiences and create safe and supportive learning environments for students within Albuquerque Public Schools so that they may stay in school, actively engage in learning, and achieve their highest potential.

Eligible Applicants

Submissions are limited to comprehensive APS schools and APS magnet schools. Applications from APS school principals or school administrative teams are preferred.

Partnerships with 501(c)(3) organizations that allow the school community to be innovative in student engagement and retention efforts are allowed, however, the applicant must be an APS school administrator.

Only one application per school will be accepted. Only APS employees may submit applications. APS traditional and magnet schools are eligible to apply.

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Eligible Proposals

Proposals must meet the following criteria:

  • Serve an entire school or a large percentage of students, such as a grade level or department.
  • Have clearly defined goals and measurable outcomes to determine the success of the project.
  • Have a realistic budget and use the award to cover teacher stipends, purchased services and/or supplies and materials within the proposed activity.
  • Demonstrate an effort to raise funds through other sources in an effort to sustain the proposed project.
Please note: Funding requests cannot include requests for technology.

Grant Term

TIG awards are for one year. A funded grant is no guarantee of future funding.. If awarded, schools/departments must be prepared to implement the project (staff availability, activities in place) upon receiving funding. 

Grant Amount

Schools may apply for up to $5,000. The Foundation reserves the right to adjust its granting levels.

Selection Process

All grant applications are reviewed by a selection committee of APSEF Board members.

Primary consideration will be given to proposals that:

    • Have a school-wide and/or grade-level impact 
    • Have a focus on social emotional learning
    • Encourage students to participate more fully in the classroom
    • Foster positive student learning environments
    • Improve school experiences for students and staff 
    • Mentor other APS schools to adopt the program

Recent Award Winners

Amount Funded  School/Department Name Title of Project
$4,988.00 Dolores Gonzales Elementary Attendance is our first priority!
$5,000.00 Del Norte High Attendance Matters
$5,000.00 Comanche Elementary Browsing for a Good Book

Reporting Requirements

TIG winners are required to report on project outcomes at the end of the grant period. Final reports must be submitted to the APS Education Foundation. Award winners may be ineligible for future funding if this report is not received. Award winners should also be willing to host site visits, provide success stories and assist the Foundation with promotional activities.

Criteria for Previously Awarded Grantees

Grant award winners that have been awarded any APS Education Foundation grant for the past two years in a row to fund the same program or project in the same school or department are not eligible for consideration for one school year unless the applicant can state that the program will have a greater student impact than in the previous granted year, has successfully solicited other funding to support the program moving forward and can provide a sustainability plan.  You will be asked to attach this documentation at the end of your grant application. 

Ineligible applicants

  • Have received APS Education Foundation funding for the same program/project at the same site for two years in a row.
  • Funding outlined in the application would affect the same students as previous years.
  • Funding outlined in the application would fund the same program/project as previous years.

To regain eligibility

  • Applicants must expand their program/or project to impact more students.  For example:
    • Join other teachers and staff to apply for a team grant so more classes are included as part of a Classroom & Grade Level Learning grant.
    • Reach out to other schools to expand the program, such as feeder schools.
    • Collaborate with other APS departments to expand the initiative to address more areas of need.
    • Applicants must secure additional funding to support the program moving forward.  For example:
      • A portion of your program will be supported by a school or department budget.
      • Other non-profit organizations and foundations have committed to funding a portion of your program.
      • Your PTA  or other community group will budget to support a portion of your budget.
      • A local business or individual donor would like to sponsor a portion of your budget.
      • Applicants must provide a sustainability plan.  For example:
        • Include plans of how your school or department will continue to support the program for the next three years, including fiscally and/or through their time and effort.
        • Include plans of how you will fund the program past this year of funding for the two years following the grant (if awarded), including researching funding opportunities (be specific).

Grantees who cannot regain eligibility for their third proposal must wait one full year to apply again. 

Note:  Any grantee who did not submit an evaluation at the end of their last grant implementation period is ineligible to apply and cannot regain eligibility through the above process.

If you are currently ineligible but would like guidance on how to apply, please contact Lawren McConnell at  

Grant Writing Tips:

Review the application, and prepare your answers in a Word document before submitting online.

Review the scoring rubric that grant reviewers will be using during the review and selection period.  

Review the evaluation form that will be due on May 31st, following your implementation period.

Review the Grant Award Agreement.  You will be asked to attest to understanding these expectations if selected for funding.


Fall Grant Cycle:  September 6, 2021 - October 6, 2021
Deadline to Apply:  October 6, 2021 at 5pm MST


Lawren McConnell
Grants Manager
Phone:  505-880-3708