T.I.G. Awards

The Transformative Idea Grant (The T.I.G.) is an effort from the APS Education Foundation and Technology Integration Group to improve school climate, increase student engagement or improve academic achievement. 

Proposals of up to $10,000 will be accepted. In recognition of the timing of this grant, the project should be implemented during the 2019-2020 school year.

TIG apply button redFor more information, contact: APS Grant Writer at (505) 880-3708 or 

Key Components:

  • Submissions are limited to comprehensive APS schools and schools of choice.
  • Only one application per school will be accepted. The Foundation is looking to hear from principals/assistant principals for school-based requests that will impact large numbers of students.  The Foundation is looking for programs with the opportunity to
  • The Foundation anticipates awarding one grant of $10,000 or less, although the Foundation reserves the right to adjust its granting levels.
  • Partnerships with 501(c)(3) organizations that allow the school community to be innovative in student engagement and retention efforts are allowed, but the applicant must be an APS school administrator.
  • Grant budgets can include stipends, but must also include benefits and taxes in accordance with APS standards.
  • Funding is for one year. A funded grant is no guarantee of future funding.
  • The APS Education Foundation requires a final report once the project has been completed in June of 2020.
  • Funding requests cannot include requests for technology.
    • Grow school-wide
    • Grow to impact students across grade levels
    • Mentor other APS schools to adopt the program

Criteria for Funding:

  • Student Impact: Please make the case that funding this proposal can show results in keeping students in school, give them a heightened chance for success in their academic futures, or improve the learning environment for a large number of students at the school.
  • Widespread Impact: Reaching the most students for the dollar is critical, so a key consideration will include the number of students who will directly benefit from the effort.
  • Solid Planning: A realistic budget, including all costs, is essential to a good application. Extra consideration will be given to schools that can formulate a funding plan, minus Foundation assistance, for the long term.
  • If an outside entity or 501(c)(3) implements the school project, funding must go through the school as APSEF policy precludes any funding directly to another non-profit.


Friday, April 12, 2019, at 5:00pm Mountain Time


Grant Writer & Manager
Email: APSGrantWriter@aps.edu
Tel: (505) 880-3708

Shannon Barnhill, Executive Director
Email: shannon.barnhill@aps.edu
Tel: (505) 878-6165