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Pepsi Award

The Pepsi Award is offered once a year specifically for submissions on behalf of school-based electives, clubs, activities and student groups in need of assistance with unexpected and unbudgeted expenses as part of participating in a national, regional and/or state competition.

The purpose of the Pepsi Award is to help reduce costs for students advancing to the regional, state and national levels. 


APS teachers or employees at the elementary, middle and high school level may apply on the behalf of students participating in a school-based competition.

Only APS employees may submit applications. APS traditional and magnet schools are eligible to apply.

Grant Amount:

Schools may apply for up to $5,000. Requests may be partially funded.

Grant Criteria:

Proposals must meet the following criteria:

  • Requests must be for APS student(s) participating in a school-related national, regional and/or state competition.
  • Student(s) or the student organization must be notified of advancement to a national, regional or state competition prior to submitting the application.
  • Requests may cover travel fees and other related costs to and from the competition, such as lodging and registration fees.
  • Requests are awarded to the school on behalf of the student club, activity or elective, not directly to the student.

Previous Award Winners:

  • Highland High School, Family, Career, and Community Leaders of America (FCCLA) chapter 
    Award Amount: $5,563.63
    Highland High FCCLA competed at the State FCCLA Conference, winning 17 Gold medals and 2 Silver medals and earning the NMAA 2019 State Championship! Funding will be used to help APS students compete at Nationals in Anaheim, California.
  • Highland High School, DECA chapter
    Award Amount: $5,563.63
    26 students from Highland High School DECA qualified for the international DECA competition in Orlando, Florida. Funding was used to assist students in traveling to the competition to meet with approximately 20,000 high school students.
  • Manzano High School, Educators Rising chapter
    Award Amount: $4,000.00
    The Manzano High School chapter of Educators Rising participated and competed in the state conference. Five students qualified for the national conference in Dallas, Texas. Funds will be used to help cover the cost of travel, lodging and the registration fee for the national conference.
  • Cibola High School, Robotics Team
    Award Amount: $5,400.00
    Three students from the Cibola High School Robotic Team qualified for the  2019 Vex Robotics World Championship, held in Louisville, Kentucky. Funds were used for flights for each student and 1 adviser, lodging for the 5 nights, a registration fee for the tournament, and to cover costs for shipping robotic equipment and materials to the event.

Reporting Requirements:

Pepsi Award recipients will be required to provide a detailed report on their grant results to the APS Education Foundation. This report will be shared through the Foundation as a way to measure the overall impact being made district-wide through the APSEF grant programs. Grantees will be ineligible for future awards if this report is not received. Grantees should also be willing to host site visits, provide success stories and assist the Foundation with promotional activities.

Criteria for Previously Awarded Grantees

Grant award winners that have been awarded any APS Education Foundation grant for the past two years in a row to fund the same program or project in the same school or department are not eligible for consideration for one school year unless the applicant can state that the program will have a greater student impact than in the previous granted year, has successfully solicited other funding to support the program moving forward and can provide a sustainability plan.  You will be asked to attach this documentation at the end of your grant application. 

Ineligible applicants

  • Have received APS Education Foundation funding for the same program/project at the same site for two years in a row.
  • Funding outlined in the application would affect the same students as previous years.
  • Funding outlined in the application would fund the same program/project as previous years.

To regain eligibility

  • Applicants must expand their program/or project to impact more students.  For example:
    • Join other teachers and staff to apply for a team grant so more classes are included as part of a Classroom & Grade Level Learning grant.
    • Reach out to other schools to expand the program, such as feeder schools.
    • Collaborate with other APS departments to expand the initiative to address more areas of need.
    • Applicants must secure additional funding to support the program moving forward.  For example:
      • A portion of your program will be supported by a school or department budget.
      • Other non-profit organizations and foundations have committed to funding a portion of your program.
      • Your PTA  or other community group will budget to support a portion of your budget.
      • A local business or individual donor would like to sponsor a portion of your budget.
      • Applicants must provide a sustainability plan.  For example:
        • Include plans of how your school or department will continue to support the program for the next three years, including fiscally and/or through their time and effort.
        • Include plans of how you will fund the program past this year of funding for the two years following the grant (if awarded), including researching funding opportunities (be specific).

Grantees who cannot regain eligibility for their third proposal must wait one full year to apply again. 

Note:  Any grantee who did not submit an evaluation at the end of their last grant implementation period is ineligible to apply and cannot regain eligibility through the above process.

If you are currently ineligible but would like guidance on how to apply, please contact Lawren McConnell at

Grant Writing Tips:

Review the application, and prepare your answers in a Word document before submitting online.

Review the scoring rubric that grant reviewers will be using during the review and selection period.  

Review the evaluation form that will be due on May 31st, following your implementation period.

Review the Grant Award Agreement.  You will be asked to attest to understanding these expectations if selected for funding.

Deadline to Apply:

APSEF will accept awards beginning September 6, 2021, pending  APS policy on travel and field trips.  The Pepsi Award is funded on a first come, first serve basis.


Lawren McConnell
Grants Manager
Phone: (505) 880-3708